Chinese Zodiac – behind the scenes (Jackie Chan)

Chinese Zodiac is the latest offering from the legend that is Jackie Chan. Here we have a few videos showing Jackie behind the scenes of the movie, we hope you enjoy them. There is also a video from someone’s phone catching Jackie greeting the fans.

It is the sequel to the 1991 film Armour of God II: Operation Condor, in which Jackie will reprise his role as Asian Hawk. The movie tells about Asian Hawk bringing back the bronze head statues of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, which were sacked by the French and British armies from the imperial Summer Palace in Beijing in 1860.

A major fight scene of the action movie cost 70 million yuan, or more than 10 million U.S. dollars.


From April 18 to May 2, Jackie Chan has visited Jelgava, Latvia to make some acrobatic scenes for movie at the “Aerodium” vertical wind tunnel.Filming also took place in France, China, Taiwan and Vanuatu.

Release Date:December 2012.

Original Trailer:

Jackie Chan as Asian Hawk
Cary Woodworth as Jonathan
Vincent Sze as Michael
Laura Weissbecker
Oliver Platt
Kwon Sang-woo
Pierre Bourdaud
Yao Xingtong
Ken Lo
Caitlin Dechelle
Kenny G
Zheng Wei
Bo-Yee Poon