By now, hopefully you’ve seen the Chinese Zodiac trailer. I’ve seen it multiple times now, and I’ve noticed a few things that have gotten me both excited and curious about the film itself. I thought I’d point them out and see what everybody thought about them.

*Just as a warning, this is a trailer analysis and it may contain spoilers (if I’m even right about my deductions) so read this at your own risk!*

If you haven’t see the trailer yet, check it out here:



Here are some images and details that show us what to expect both in the plot of the film as well as the action that will take place.


The Date

The trailer for Chinese Zodiac starts off by giving us the date of 02/25/2009. I’ve looked into this, but I can’t seem to find any reason why this date is revealed. 2009 is the year of the cow, but that’s all I can pull from that date for the time being.

Another thing the date could mean is just the date of this protest that is being held. While it’s not clear what they are protesting, it’s most likely the statues. However, if everyone is aware of the statues being stolen and they want them rightfully returned, why would Hawk be sent in to retrieve them?


The Keypad

I still don’t know what the significance of this keypad is, though I assume it’s used to unlock something later on in the film. It has the both letters and numbers, but roman numerals have their own specific keys.

What’s truly curious, though, is in the second picture. It shows Jackie holding the keypad in what appears to be the mansion he’s breaking into. Jackie is also in a library when he’s holding the device, meaning that it probably has a spine like a book to hide it better. Anyways, you might miss this the first time since the keypad is revealed later in the trailer.


The Rolling Suit

This unique suit looks to be for an escape sequence in the film. There are a few quick shots of Jackie rolling underneath people and vehicles, but the coolest is one of the last images that flashes across the screen.

There is actually a shot of Jackie standing up and rolling dangerously close to a ledge of some sort. This justifies why there are wheels on the back of the suit as well, and it also opens up a lot of potential for how this stunt sequence can play out.



A few spots in the trailer have similar locations to previous films, but these can all be brushed off as coincidence as well.


The Auction House

The original Armour of God had a fun scene with Jackie at the auction house raising the bid on the item he stole. While this can simply be other artifacts being sold off at an auction, the second picture shows members of the audience turned around facing behind them. I’m guessing someone pays a visit to the auction house while it’s going on.


The Railings

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t have any real connection to Operation Condor, but I love the fact that Jackie is using railings again in a fight. One of my favorite moves in Operation Condor was where he spins through the railings to deliver a punch. Maybe he’ll try this again? Hey, I can dream, right?



This movie trailer actually has a few nods to the Armour of God films, and one is actually pretty subtle if you don’t keep an eye out for it.


The Glider

For starters, Jackie is using a glider as a mode of transportation once again. While it’s nothing significant, it shows that Hawk still relies on traditional methods when he needs to escape. I’d say this is in there to let audiences see the connection to Operation Condor.


The Flashlight

It appears that some habits can’t be given up easily, and the flashlight is one of the best examples of this. Jackie has a habit of putting a small flashlight in his mouth the keep his hands free while he’s searching for stuff, and it’s awesome to see that being brought back.



While the Chinese Zodiac trailer shows us a lot of footage, there are still a few things that I think will exist that haven’t been show yet.



This was one of Hawk’s biggest trademarks and was in both Armour of God 1 and 2. I’d be stunned if this wasn’t in Chinese Zodiac, especially after the flashlight nod. Even if he misses his mouth when he tries to pop a couple pieces in (again) it would be a fun nod to how playful Hawk still is.


Is Hawk a Professor Now?

The Armour of God films were initially inspired by Indiana Jones, and that makes me wonder about Jackie’s career now. It’s hard to imagine Hawk still being a thief for all of these years, and making him a professor would be a nice homage to the Indiana Jones movies. Of course, this pic could also just be Jackie using the help of a colleague to locate the statues as well.


The Wind Tunnel Returns?

Most people have seen footage of Jackie in Latvia working on a stunt. When I first saw this, it immediately took me back to the wind tunnel fight in Operation Condor. If you think about it, it’s the same as that stunt only the fan is blowing from the bottom instead. Would Jackie pay homage to one of his own films?


Tribal Introduction

If you go back and watch the first two Armour of God films, you’ll notice they start with Jackie visiting a hidden tribe in order to obtain an item. While Jackie may not be stealing things anymore, maybe he’ll be visiting to examine a clue or artifact (this is where the professor angle would work nicely) and end up angering the tribe. I think it would be a great way to get the audience geared up for the adventure as well as reintroduce the character of the Asian Hawk.



Awesome for so many reasons!

So, that’s what I pulled from my little dig of the trailer. Do you guys think I’m onto something? Did I miss anything? Feel free to post in the comments what your own theories are or what you hope to see in the film!

Before anybody cries foul, let me state that I posted this article on my site as well. I just wanted to see what the AMP audience thought of my analysis!