Kara Hui To Make Final Martial Arts Movie

Shaw Brothers legend Kara Hui as spoke out that in the next movie she is ready to make, it will be her last action role with intense fighting scenes. Director Ho Yuhang spent over two years writing the script for the movie, which will show Kara’s character fighting Korean style and she will also be doing torture scenes in the movie.

Last year Kara’s brother Austin Wai Tin Chi passed away, he was also a actor at the Shaw Brothers studio and made a name in his own right, since then Kara’s view on life as been totally different, she said she seen her brother working 20 hour a day shifts, always away from home, so now she wants to rest a little more and spend time with her family.



Kara as starred in some classic Kung Fu movies over the years, such as Mad Monkey Kung Fu, Dirty Ho, My Young Auntie, Martial Club and Legendary Weapons Of China. She also appeared in the Donnie Yen movie Wu Xia in 2011 and still looked in fine fighting form.

Selected Filmography
1979:Mad Monkey Kung Fu
1980:Return To The 36th Chamber
1981:My Young Auntie
1983:Lady Is The Boss
2011:Wu Xia
2012:Blood Stained Shoes