Ario Bayu
Joan Chen
Chin Han
Don Hany
Russell Wong

HBO have finally brought us there first ever Asian TV series, titled “Serangoon Road”. The series is headlined by Joan Chen (The Last Emperor), rising Indonesian star Ario Bayu and also has guest appearances by Russell Wong (Romeo Must Die).

The series is set in the 1960’s Singapore, a time when traders, gangsters and well-healed international expatriates intermingled in secret societies and along the colorful sidewalks of Serangoon Road.

Location shoots have already taken place at some of Singpore’s best known landmarks, including the Raffles Hotel (inventor of the Singapore Sling) and former colonial houses and heritage buildings. Shooting will continue at Infinite Studios’ facilities in Batam, Indonesia, where replicas of the Bugis Street and Chinatown of old Singapore have been built.


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