When it comes to screen actresses, Maggie Cheung is right up there with the best so it was sad news to hear she has retired from movies.

The first time i seen Maggie in a movie was back in the 90’s when i watched Iceman Cometh and i thought she was great, could act in comedy and turn to serious with ease and also she is beautiful. I was hoping she would make one more appearance in a future Police Story movie, but i wish her all the luck in the world moving forward into music and editing.

This is what she recently said about her retirement and her future plans.

“I no longer have that dream and don’t want to act in anything anymore,” Maggie at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.

“It is only nowadays, in my everyday life, that I feel I am beginning to be a good person,” she went on. “From ages 18 to 35, I didn’t have my own life and I didn’t know anyone outside of the entertainment industry. Everyone was flattering and protecting me. Only now do I know how difficult it is to be a good person, and I am learning how.”

Some of my favorite Maggie movies are as follows: Paper Marriage, Police Story (1-3), As Tears Go By, Iceman Cometh, Days Of Being Wild, Heroic Trio, Moon Warriors, The Barefoot Kid, In The Mood For Love, Hero…. “There are just to many to mention”


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