Lee Byung Hun’s Experience At This Year’s Oscars


Lee Byung Hun presented the award for Best Foreign Language Film along Sofia Vergara and although he didn’t seem like it, he was very nervous according to a source from his agency BH Entertainment.



The day after the ceremony he released a statement saying that “I’ve been to many award ceremonies and film festivals in various countries, but this time around, seeing first-hand the event organization, manners, the carriage of the actors, I realized there is much I have to learn. Seeing so many actors that have achieved so much over long careers, I had the thought that I need to do better moving forward.”

Lee Byng Hun and Jo Soo Mi

He also commented on soprano Jo Soo Mi, who performed “Simple Song #3” from “Youth,” which was nominated for Best Original Song: “It was really great to see Jo Soo Mi in an unfamiliar place, and while I was just presenting, I sincerely congratulate Jo Soo Mi on the nomination.

Lee’s invitation to present at the Academy Awards is considered an important milestone for the actor, who suffered a slump last year in the aftermath of a personal blackmail scandal. Late last year, he redeemed himself in the public eye with his excellent performance in the hit film “Inside Men,” followed by the announcement of the Oscar presentation.

Sources: koreaherald.com, entertain.naver.com, soompi.com