You may well have heard that Vincent Chiu walked out off his latest movie “Special identity” also starring Donnie Yen, due to difficulties during recent filming.

At first, Vincent spoke out that on set they would continuously keep changing the script and that this was not a good thing, as they should know where the movie is going from the start to finish.


Now it’s been told that Donnie Yen is going to take Vincent to court due to recent allegations about what Vincent as said about him to the press and other fellow actors. But the world of Asian cinema are also speaking out about this and are taking sides of both actors.

Shu Qi and Kara Hui expressed their support for Yen, while others like Hong Kong veteran action star Yuen Wah and Chinese actress Xu Jiao spoke out in support of Chiu, reported Hong Kong media.
“Donnie Yen is very serious in whatever he does and thinks of ways to make sure every single frame is perfect.

“Even when the weather is cold and he is shivering, cramping up, when he hears ‘Action’, Donnie Yen will immediately perform without a single word of complaint,” said Shu Qi.

Shaw Brothers legend Kara Hui also had this to say about Donnie Yen, “Donnie, I have known you since you were young, I know you are passionate about film and have high expectations of yourself.

“I hope you won’t be affected by all these controversies. Keep going!”

“I worked with Vincent Chiu on Wu Dang and feel that he is very enthusiastic about his work, personable … I believe Instructor Chiu, strongly support him!” said CJ7 star, Chinese actress Xu Jiao.

Yuen Wah, who had appeared in countless Hong Kong action films, echoed Xu’s sentiments and backed Chiu.

Vincent has also spoke about the fact, if he does have to go to court over what as been said, the money will not hurt him if he loses,
“All ten properties I bought at a low price in Beijing are now worth six times more.

“Even if I stop working, I won’t have any difficulty getting by,” Chiu told the media recently, in response to Yen’s announcement that he would take Chiu to court.

“This issue affects my reputation. I must get justice, because they have insulted my professionalism”.



  1. Gotta say i felt very lost in the hole situation – i had no idea what was really going on – Thanks guys for updating me on this one

  2. This whole Yen-Zhao feud isn’t even between the two but between Zhao and the people in charge of the project: the studio heads. Vincent was just an actor when he got onboard so he couldn’t have had that much creative freedom or any influence at all on the project. The reason he left was actually after a dispute with the film crew about fees for the hotel he was staying at which didn’t meet his demands, which led to his contract with them being terminated. Angered by this, he decided to get back at them. But instead of exposing the studio heads and film crew, he targeted Donnie because affecting a big asset of something would mean affecting everything else. This means that by talking smack about Donnie, he affected investments spent on the project as well as affecting shooting schedules resulting in big losses of money. But above all, he tarnished and ruined Donnie’s reputation. If anything, it’s Zhao who is insulting his own professionalism lol.

    And as for a contract with clauses in the script that only Zhao had authority to, this comes as a surprise as such thing has never occurred in Donnie’s or in Hong Kong films before. Script changes are also very common so I don’t see a fuss about it. If there was a contract including authorized clauses in the script, then

    Zhao should’ve just taken it with the studio heads for breaching the
    contractual terms, not Donnie. I bet he knows he doesn’t have the power to do so
    because it would be much more troublesome exposing a film company in
    charge of a project than “exposing” the most valuable actor starring in the

    And to base the scandal on the twos’ personality to decide on who’s right and wrong is just plain stupid lol. Let’s not put all things Zhao’s been through in the past either. I mean, he was in a scandal with the late Anita Mui, got involved with in a feud with the triads, and there have been stories of him being difficult to work with in HK films he did before relocating to the Mainland to do TV work. It’s pretty much obvious that Zhao hasn’t fully adapted to the HK film system and thinks too highly of himself when it comes to “perfecting” a production.

    • what are you talking about Zhao said the script kept changing all the time and he didn’t like it, Donnie kept changing it. If it was really the crew problem I’m sure something must have been mentioned about them though what was mentioned was Donnie’s name.

      lol I didn’t hear about Zhao getting feud with triads.they should just put this trash behind them. I mean who wouldn’t want to see the Star of True Legend vs Flash Point?
      I mean are the making movies for the audiences and fans or just making movies for money, their fame and benefit?
      because it seems like they are doing it for mone,benefit etc.

      It’s just like the thing with Tony and Prawek, they put the dispute behind them and are working on Tom Yum Goong 2.

      • Maybe you’re right. Zhao’s claims just seems fishy and unfaithful at this moment now that
        other parties (the film crew, Vincent Zhao’s managers, Wong Jing) have
        spoken out about the feud. Vincent Zhao held a press conference just after the news reports broke out in February 29 where he blamed the film crew for changing the script and no where did he mentioned Donnie being responsible for them. And then on the interview he did on March 15, he blames the script changes mainly on Donnie and doesn’t even mentioned the film crew or anyone else for being involved which is ironic because – even if Donnie would be involved in script changes – a film isn’t and shouldn’t be up to just one person to make script changes so I think it’s unfair that Zhao suddenly just blames everything on Donnie.

        I read somewhere that he did have a feud with triad but I don’t remember whether it concerned Anita Mui or was another matter. My point being that Zhao isn’t the innocent victim he claims to be just because people judge this situation on their respective personalities (Donnie the cocky Chinese-American and Zhao the loyal and kind Mainland Chinese).

        Yeah, I totally agree on that. But at this point, it looks like the situation won’t be easily defused because all negativity is on Donnie and recently, another party came out making accusations against Donnie. So I think it’s unlikely that we will see a collaboration between these two anytime sooner.

  3. lol..this is retarded man:P

    famous taking sides due to experience.

    I don’t know man it just sounds silly.

    Wait didn’t Donnie wanted Vincent to star in his movie? so why is Vincent acting arrogant. I mean he is right for walking out on his free will but talking shit about Donnie was unacceptable.

    they need to sort this sh* out and get this garbage behind them. It’s like the incident with Prakaw and Tony Jaa but I think those two are talking again.

    I mean Donnie Yen has directed and Choreographed movies so what he’s saying, rules and decisions CAN make impact to his films. His directing for Dragon Tiger Gate was a cool movie but not ALL that. He was an assistant director for Flash Point and my god a sick movie, my favourite Donnie film.

    the only crappy movie he ever directed was Ballistic Kiss. Vincent has done any directing.
    But what I’m trying to say is that, someone experienced like Donnie Yen seems to have a reason and strong vision for doing the changes.

    But then again the constant script changing and editing can be frustrating and annoying and shows the lack sense of vision for the writer.


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