When it comes to martial arts films, very few dispute the fact that the 80′s and 90′s were a golden era for Hong Kong cinema. Stars like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao hit their stride during this time, and the genre evolved dramatically because of it. The frantic fights and thrilling stunts impressed viewers, inspiring countless to follow suit in their own ways. That generation has grown up now, but it hasn’t forgotten its roots.




Unlucky Stars is a film that doesn’t simply pay homage to actions films of the past, it takes pride in doing so. Director Dennis Ruel and choreographer Vladislav Rimburg were determined to recapture the essence of what made those films so special years ago. They’ve grown tired of seeing films with cheap tricks and edits, where talent and skill have been overshadowed by someone with a famous name.

Instead of simply complaining about where Hollywood is headed with action films, Unlucky Stars has gathered a talented group of people that share the same passion for the art. The cast includes Dennis Ruel, Vladislav Rimburg, Sam Hargrave, Ken Quitugua, Sari Sabella, Roy Chen, Jose Montesinos, Edward Kahana, Giovannie Espiritu, Steven Yu, Emmanuel Manzanares, and Shawn Bernal.

Unlucky Stars Official Teaser Trailer

As ambitious as Unlucky Stars is, it’s not something that can be created simply out of passion. Good fights take time to make, and it costs money to get the time necessary to perfect a fight scene and maintain certain locations. However, instead of simply losing hope and giving up on the project, Dennis and Vlad have turned to the fans for support.



Indie Gogo has launched a fundraiser for those that want to donate to Unlucky Stars. Those that donate will receive a number of great gifts in return for their contributions. These can range from simply getting a copy of the DVD to even meeting the cast and director for lunch.  This is a chance for fans of Hong Kong-style action to show their support for a genre that may be taking a turn for the worse. While there are a select few that can act or fight on film, skill level is not required when it comes to supporting talented actors and fighters that share the same passion.

Support can be shown in a variety of ways. Even if someone is unable to donate any money, word of mouth is a great method to get others interested in the film. Simply linking the trailer on facebook or twitter will help spread the word dramatically. Please take the time to support those that risk their own bodies for the entertainment of others, just like old times.

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