Set for release 18th December 2012.

A biopic of legendary martial artist Ip Man (Tony Leung) also starring Zhang Ziyi, Chen Chang and Song Hye-Ko. Filming began more than two years ago but the film as suffered from countless delays (as seems to be common with Wong films).

Admittedly part of the delay was due to Tony Leung suffering a injury during training but still all seemed lost. Nothing more than two very brief teaser trailers were shown , Whilst at the same time 3 more Yip Man films  (Ip Man 2, A Legend is Born, My Wing Chun) had been released since the initial film announcement (Did Wong Kar-Wai want to delay the release of ‘Grandmasters’ due to the avalanche of Yip Man and Wing Chun inspired movies ? )

Interestingly , the release date announcement comes only a few days after the official announcement of a third Ip man film starring Donnie Yen once again in the lead role.


I dont know about you but the second Ip Man film left a very bad taste in my mouth, and the announcement of  a third does not fill me with any real excitement unlike the ‘GrandMasters’


– especially after Donnie had previously stated he was done with the Ip Man role now..?? (I guess his last few films were not as successful – other than Wuxia – as he had hoped .. so why not hit the cash cow again ?… )

Given Wong Kar-Wai’s highly impressive directorial profile  ( 2046, Chungking Express, In the Mood for Love, Ashes of Time ) as well as the fantastic ‘acting‘ talent involved in this project not to forget that Yuen Woo Ping is involved , ‘Grandmasters’ should be something special indeed.

‘The Grandmasters’ has all the ingredients to be a true classic. Well my hopes are high and finally I have a date I can pencil into my calendar for what I hope will be the ‘true’ Ip Man movie we have all been waiting for…


Teaser trailer