Philip Ng
Sammo Hung
Andy On
Luxia Jiang

Director: Wong Ching-Po
Action Director: Yuen Woo Ping

Also Known As:
Da Shang Hai Tan Zhi Ma Yong Zhen

Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Action, Drama

Set in the 1920s, the film stars Philip Ng as a poor labourer from Shandong who moves to Shanghai with a dream of making his fortune. The script from what is said here, sounds a lot like Boxer From Shantung (1972), which starred Chen Kuan Tai.

Action legend Yuen Woo Ping is on board to choreograph the fight scenes, which means we should be in for a real treat and with Sammo Hung co-starring, i really cant wait to see this movie. The trailer feels like one of the old openings for a Shaw Brothers movie, hope the kung fu is top notch for this one.

No release date just yet, but my bet is either late 2012, early 2013.