Cast: Sammo Hung, Lau Kar Wing, Chin Yuet Sang, Huang Ha, Chung Fat, Lee Hoi San, Dean Shek Tien

Director: Karl Maka

Action Director: Sammo Hung, Lau Kar Wing

Stuntmen: Lam Ching Ying, Yuen Biao

Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog is a traditional kung fu movie starring Sammo Hung and Lau Kar Wing. Although it wasn’t a popular as his other movies at the time, this still deserves to be watched, with good fight scenes throughout and the final 20 minutes or so, see Sammo and Lau kar Wing going toe to toe with villain Lee Hoi San.
The film also features cameos from Yuen Biao, Lam Ching-ying and Hsiao Ho.

Rascal Dirty Tiger (Lau) is enlisted to find dimwitted Crazy Frog (Hung), the wayward husband of an old matron. Tiger captures his quarry with little difficulty but Frog makes him an offer: his freedom in exchange for the “Invincible Armour,” an iron mesh vest that makes the wearer invulnerable to blades and fists. Trouble is, the armour has already been stolen by sneaky pickpocket Multi-hand Chick (Meg Lam Kin-ming), so Tiger and Frog form an exceedingly uneasy alliance to get it back.

Along the way, they decide to fleece Rumour Town boss Coffin King with some fake armour, collecting a bundle in the process. This leads to an ongoing series of double crosses (which also involve some gold bars Tiger managed to fleece from Frog’s wife), interrupted only by the threat posed to both partners by The Bandit Brothers, Panther (Dean Shek Tien) and Smiling Tiger (Jason Pai Piao), and their much fiercer (and smarter) father, The White-brow Monk (Lee Hoi-san). When the latter is able to get the Armour, the trio quickly prey upon the townspeople, prompting Tiger and Frog to show a little civic responsibility by putting them out of commission.

Overall, it is a decent movie. The movie as some good fight scenes throughout, a lot is based on the comedy side of things, with Sammo and Lau Kar Wing trying to out smart each other. There are also a few twists that happens towards the end of the movie, something Sammo did very well with the hit movie The Victim (One of my favorites).

Also in some fight scenes, you will spot the likes of Yuen Biao, lam Ching Ying, Mars and a few others getting there butts handed to them by Sammo. Yuen Biao is also the double for Lau Kar Wing in the movie, for the more acrobatic movements, which you can see if you are good at spotting that kind of thing. The movie does finish with the big fight and also as elements of comedy that goes with it, like i said it’s no classic and is a decent movie, one which you should enjoy.


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