Ip Man: Final Fight is the latest movie in production, but this is not part of the Donnie yen series, yet another spin off from the success of the movies like Ip Man – Legend Is Born.

The three leading actors in the movie are Anthony Wong, Gillian Chung and Jordan Chan, all which have studied Wing Chun before the filming of the movie. Anthony Wong will play an older version of Ip Man whilst Gillian Chung and Jordan Chan will play Yip’s students. The cast also includes Anita Yuen, Eric Tsang and Timmy Hung.

Also out this year is the movie Grand Masters, another movie based on the legend of Ip Man, which will star Tony Leung and of course Ip Man 3 – 3D, as Donnie Yen steps back in to play probably the biggest part in his career.

The movie will probably be released sometime in 2013.