This December will see the release of Jackie Chan’s final big action movie “Chinese Zodiac”, this time round he brings us some brand new action and stunts i have never seen on screen before, The Rollerblade Suit.

In the past few days, they have released a brand new trailer for the movie and also a behind – the – scenes video showing Jackie in the suit and performing some incredible things, which is trademark Jackie Chan.

From the teaser, it seems like Chan as gone all out in this movie to deliver some great stunt work and fight scenes and also explains in an interview that he got lots of injuries throughout including a broken nose and other stuff. I cant wait to watch this movie, at the age of 58, Chan is showing all these younger action heroes who the real king is, yep himself.

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Here is the latest trailer and also a behind the scenes look of Jackie in the roller-blade suit, enjoy the master.

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