Cast: Yuen Biao Pat Ha Man Jing, Charlie Chin, Yuen Wah, Lo Lieh, Philip Ko

Director: Alfred Cheung

Producer: Sammo Hung

On The Run is a very under-rated thriller, starring Kung Fu legend Yuen Biao in one of his finest acting roles to date. Sammo Hung produces the movie which will have you watching at the edge of your seats till the very end.

When his police detective ex-wife is shot dead in a restaurant, “Hsiang Ming” (Yuen Biao) is initially frustrated by the negative impact on his emigration prospects! After quickly apprehending and overpowering the killer, “Miss Pai” (Pat Ha), things become even more complicated for Hsiang as he realizes that she and he are now targets of his erstwhile colleagues – corrupt detectives seeking to cover evidence of their own drug crimes. Framed for murder, Hsiang’s options rapidly contract as the killers target his elderly mother and young daughter. Wounded, Hsiang is forced to rely on the assassin Pai, who slowly discovers warmth while caring for him and his young daughter.

This movie shows a dark side to the police force with under cover murders happening everywhere you turn. Yuen Biao gives one of his best acting performances to date as a guy on the run and hell bent on revenge towards the people who killed his wife and daughter. He performs some good stunts in this movie also, one is when he jumps from the side of a building onto a lamp post, where then he falls on top of a van, great stuff.

Before watching the movie, you would look at the cast and think there is going to be plenty of fight scenes, but that is not the case. The only real fight you get to see is right at the end and even then it’s more like a street fight than fancy movements. But that is ok, a movie like this doesn’t need fancy movements and great choreography, it’s a very gritty movie which you will really enjoy.

Pat Ha gives a fantastic performance starting off as the movies villain, but as events unfold, you see a more caring side to her character as she teams up with Yuen Biao to take down the corrupt police. The action is very violent at times, with people being shot in the face and arms being chopped off, it really is a very under-rated movie and needs to be seen by a lot more people.