It seems after Jackie recently wrapped Chinese Zodiac he must be back in the mood for action, because the latest news is that he will be making another Police Story movie, next year.

The number 1 action legend, is set to make a final movie of the series, the last being New Police Story (Which i really enjoyed), which should bring lots more action and stunt work. Jackie did say that Chinese Zodiac would be his last big action movie, but would continue to make action films just less intense, i feel his work on Chinese Zodiac as shown Chan he can still mix it with the best out there.

It is said that China Vision Media Group held a press conference in Beijingrecently to announce that Jackie would collaborate with Ding Sheng, his co-writer/director on Little Big Soldier.

Jackie will be 59 next year which is incredible, considering he can still move like he does, putting most of the younger action stars to shame. If the latest idea for Police Story 2013 is anything like New Police Story i will be very happy, that movie brought us great action, stunts and martial art work from Chan and his stunt team.

We will bring you more once more information comes out.