Austin Wai Tin Chi, brother of female kung fu legend Kara Hui has sadly passed away at the age of 55. He starred in movies such as Kung Fu Vs Yoga (1979), The Blade (1995) and classics such as 36th Chamber Of Shaolin (1978) and the sequel.

He sadly died on October 4, 2012 at the age of 55 at his home in Beijing, China. When he was very young, like other kung fu stars at that time, he was sent to learn Peking Opera under Madam Fan Fok-Fa, he went on to become a stuntman in his own right at the legendary Shaw Brothers company and also popping over to Golden Harvest to star in a few movies also with Sammo Hung in small roles.

In 1979 he got a very good role in the movie “FIVE SUPERFIGHTERS” and also had a memorible role in the hit movie “AVENGING EAGLE”. He was also a fight choreographer and in the past 10 years starred in movies along side Sammo Hung and even Donnie Yen in “SHA PO LANG” and “FLASH POINT”. His last movie was in “KUNG FU WING CHUN” (2010).

Selected Filmography:
1977:The Shaolin Plot
1978:Avenging Eagle
1978:36th Chamber Of Shaolin
1979: Five Super Fighters
1983:Fearless Hyena 2
1992:Pom Pom And Hot Hot
2005:Sha Po Lang
2007:Flash Point

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