Starring: Juju Chan, Maria Tran, Thien Nguyen, Peter Yu, Adrian Castro, Kenny On

Directed by: Maria Tran, Adrian Castro

Written by: Maria Tran
Hit Girls is a Independant movie, an action comedy short film which will be shot in Fairfield and launched in December 2012. It is a quirky, fast-paced, action platform about two unlikely assassin heroines, Pixie Ho (Juju Chan, Hong Kong pop singer and action movie star) and Maria Tran (ABC’s logie award “My Place”). I support anyone who os trying very hard to make a living in the industry and showing that they have the skills to go much futhur and i am happy to show there skills on the site.

Two mismatched killer assassins, sexy elite barbie Pixie Ho (Juju Chan) and hot-tempered, tomboy partner Charlie Vu (Maria Tran) are reaching breaking point in their tag team partnership. The mismatched duo must look past their differences when they take on an unusual undercover school girl assignment and take down son of multi millionaire, playboy Michael Huang – their former primary school crush. But will this be their last assignment?

Director and Actress Maria Tran as been trying to make her dream come true by bringing martial art movies to Australia, she is currently working on a project which could be very big and this next step with Hit Girls is just another chance to show what she and her team can do, this is what Maria as said about Hit Girls and about herself,

“Hi my name is Maria Tran, I’m a guerrilla filmmaker and community and cultural practitioner based in Western Sydney.

HIT GIRLS is a martial arts action film genre and I’m passionate about it because it an internationally popular genre, that has no presence in multicultural Australia.

Despite Australia’s positioning as the hub of “Australian” dramas, storytelling of the culturally diverse remains scarce and any attempts of this internationally renowned is close to none.

Plus, I’m that type of person what has grew up with John Woo, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee flicks and look up to the femme fatales such as Cynthia Rothrock & Moon Lee.

I’m a part of a movement of the next generation of filmmakers who may not graduate from film school, but believe in the fine art of collaboration with people around them, giving people of varying abilities a go in filmmaking and “thinking big” when making projects happen. For me, HIT GIRLS, is a alter reality screen version of my own life as a daggy, hot headed, tomboy and my plight to reinterpreting women’s roles in the media.

Hit Girls will go to the places where women in the action film genre rarely go. Unconventional characters hit head on with stereotypes and all delivered with awesome, fine fight choreography.

What We Need & What You Get
It usually cost megabucks when it comes to the art of movie making, however my project is looking to raise $4,000 that will be put into the following areas:
(1) Pre Production Planning (Meetings, rehearsals with the cast & fight choreography)
(2) Production Film Shoot (Travel cost, hospitality & onset catering, props, film equipment, costumes)
(3) Free Premiere Event for the community in December (venue hire, catering, behind the scenes documentary).

Studio: Phoenix Eye Transmedia in collaboration with Fideo Films and Jusmedia