We mentioned a few weeks back that Kung Fu legend Jackie Chan was making another Police Story movie, well next month it will start filming and this is one movie i am really looking forward too.

When you watch a Police Story movie, you know your going to get some great action scenes, filled with Martial Arts and stunt work. New Police Story shown at the time, Jackie was still in great shape and could still perform amongst the best out there. At the age of 58, it wont be long until Jackie finally starts moving to behind the camera a lot more, so enjoy these movies whilst they last.

According to a report from the Chengdu Business Daily, the new sequel “Police Story 2013” (working title) is set to begin filming on November 15 in Beijing.

Jackie is ready to play a mainland policeman rather than the character who featured in past installments, as he believes this will give him a new challenge and also a different twist to his previous character,

“I’ve played policemen many times before, but I’ve never shot a film which focused on the life of a mainland policeman. So this time, I get the chance to fulfill this kind of role,” Chan posted on his Weibo microblog account.

Police Story 2013 will be released some time next year.


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