The acclaimed “Return To Burma” may now be watched in the comfort of your homes.

Slated for a DVD release on November 12, Midi Z’s “do it yourself” drama (he directed, produced, edited and done the photography. Boy is he passionate about this?) is set in the heart of Burma (Myanmar) when construction worker Xing-Hong (Wang Shin-Hong) decides to return to his home after ten years of working abroad. With what little money left on hand, Xing-Hong is dedicated to stay and start a small business, with as little hope that Burma will finally get better. Meanwhile, despite the hopeful first democratic elections, his brother pursues to emigrate and work in Malaysia, practically the last straw for uneducated youths of the developing country. The angst of Burmese locales is in the core of the film.

Return to Burma

Debut director Midi Z’s “Return To Burma” is the first movie shot in Burma to go international being an official selection for Busan and Vancouver film fests last year.

And as it turns out, the pieces of Z’s movie came from his own experiences. He worked abroad for ten years and returned to Burma ’08, comes back 2010 and as the first democratic election simmers down, with his own camera, the year after, he starts making the film. This explains his movie having “full of wry observations” (Empire Online, David Parkinson) and having been “shot under the censor’s radar” (Variety).

Return to Burma

“Return to Burma” is co-produced by Patrick Mao Huang while Lin Sheng-Wen co-edits and engineers the sound design. The rest of the job is splendidly handled by first time director Midi Z. It also stars Yang Shu-lan, Chou Jung-kuo and Lu Jiun. Distributed on video by TerraCotta Distribution (you can hook up a copy over their website by visiting this link), the DVD for the film will include a “making of” feature and Midi Z’s commentary. Take peek on the international trailer below.