Action legend Jackie Chan recently spoke about making the musical “I am Jackie Chan” at a press conference in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Whilst there promoting his latest action adventure “Chinese Zodiac”, he went on to speak about the script and that he as been writing it for the past five years.

It will be an opera bout the actors life, starting from when he was a child, getting into the Peking Opera school, meeting Bruce Lee, moving to America until present day. Jackie will not be starring in the musical himself, but will have others playing certain parts of his life, like getting child actors, teenagers, but as yet to find a director.

Jackie was asked why he will not be starring in it himself, he said ” I am to old now”, Jackie will turn 59 in April 2013. He went on to also discuss future movie roles that could happen, which included The Expendables 3, and a new American script which he could partner up with a new young actor, but also said Chris Tucker is reading the script.

More busy times ahead for Jackie, Police Story 2013, possible Rush Hour 4, writing his musical and much, much more.

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