2013 promises to be filled with lots of Martial Art movies and i have to say 2012 wasn’t the best year for it. The list that we have here include some great movies and we have high expectations to see some great choreography. There might be more movies which we will add to this list, so if you know of any more, please leave a comment in the box at the bottom of the page.

Tom Yum Goong 2
Cast:Tony Jaa, Jeeja Yanin, Petchtai Wongkamlao, Marrese Crump
Kham is the last of a family line of guards who once watched over the King of Thailand’s war elephants. Traditionally, only the most perfect elephants could successfully defend the throne, and very great care was taken in raising them. After his harrowing quest to retrieve the elephants and his calf, Korn, Kham returns to his village to live in peace. But for someone as good in martial arts as him, peace is but a wishful thought.

Release date: May 2013

The Monkey King
Cast:Donnie yen, Chow Yun-fat, Aaron kwok, Louis Fan
The film is based on selected chapters of Wu Cheng’en’s classical novel Journey to the West and will tell the story of how the Monkey King rebels against the Jade Emperor of Heaven.

Release date:July 4th

The One Detective
Cast:Jet Li, Wu Jing, Collin Chou, Wen Zhang
The movie focuses on a series of murders, two police offers Jet Li and Wen Zhang have to find the killers.

Release Date: February 2013 (Possibly)

Police Story 2013
Cast:Jackie Chan
Chan is to play a mainland policeman rather than the old character who came from Hong Kong.

Release date:TBC

The Grandmasters
Cast:Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Zhang Ziyi, Bruce Leung,
The Grandmasters is an upcoming Hong Kong action drama film based on the life story of the Wing Chun grandmaster Yip Man. The film is directed and written by Wong Kar-wai and stars Tony Leung as Yip Man.

Release date:January 8th

Iceman Cometh 3D
Cast:Donnie Yen, Daniel Wu, Yuen Biao
Donnie plays the captain of the Imperial Guard during the Ming Dynasty. When he is wrongly accused of murder and colluding with the enemy, his fellow guardsmen go after him, only for their monumental battle to see all three buried under an avalanche for 300 years. Discovered by a wealthy philanthropist, the frozen soldiers are transported back to Hong Kong for study, only to thaw out and escape. Donnie finds shelter with a drunk and emotionally jaded bar promoter on Halloween night, and over time she helps him integrate into 21st Century society. Meanwhile, the other guardsmen have ideas of their own – one is still determined to track down Donnie and bring him to justice, while the other decides to make a name for himself in modern-day Hong Kong.

Release date:TBC

Ip Man – Final Fight
Cast:Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang, Gillian Chung, Ken Lo
Anthony Wong will play the legendary master in this movie.

Release date:April 2013

Man of Tai Chi
Cast:Keanu Reeves, Tiger Chen, Karen Mok, Iko Uwais
Man of Tai Chi is an upcoming Chinese-American martial arts film directed by Keanu Reeves.

Release date:TBC

Cast:Iko Uwais
Berandal is a sequel to the highly successful movie The Raid. This movie will be based in a prison, where Iko as to try and escape the most brutal prison ever. This movie was going to be made before The Raid, but now they have added a few bits here and there and now made it into a sequel, sounds great.
Release date:TBC

Special Identity
Cast:Donnie Yen, Andy On, Collin Chou
No plot given as yet.

Release date:Early 2013

Mortal Kombat 2013
This movie is a rebot of the original 90’s Mortal kombat movie. This time i hear there will be even more characters than the original, which is a big bonus. i did enjoy the first movie, didn’t care much for the second.
Release date:TBC

Kung Fu – The movie
Actor/director Bill Paxton is making a big screen adaptation of the 1970s TV Show Kung Fu which starred David Carradine as the Kung Fu master.

Release date:2013

Only God Forgives
Cast:Vithaya Pansringarm, Yayaying, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ryan Gosling
Julian (Ryan Gosling), an Englishman living in Bangkok, is a respected figure in the criminal underworld. He and his brother Billy run a Thai boxing club which is in fact a front for smuggling drugs to London. When Billy is murdered, their mother Jenna (Kristin Scott Thomas) arrives from London seeking revenge. Jenna is herself the head of a powerful criminal organization and is used to getting exactly what she wants. She sets out to settle the score in this suspenseful crime thriller from Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn.

Release date: 23 May 2013

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai
Cast:Sammo Hung, Philip Ng, Andy On, Kelly Lin Jiang Luxia
A laborer moves to Shanghai in the hope of becoming rich and well off. But in the end all he has is his kung fu to survive and defeat the enemies.

Release date:Early 2013

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