Lam Ching Ying is my favorite star in any Horror movie, weather it be taking on hopping vampires or just plain old spirits, no one does it better than lam.

His roles in the Mr.Vampire movies show his skills as an actor, with great comic timing which goes well with his serious acting side, which we dont normally get to see on screen. This role would make him, not just a big star in Asia but also worldwide as the master of Vampire killers.

I hope you enjoy my top 10 list and please feel free to write your own favorites in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

10.Mr.Vampire 2 (1986)
Cast:Lam Ching Ying, Yuen Biao, Moon Lee, Chung Fat, Billy Lau
Mr.Vampire 2 as some good moments throughout the movie but doesn’t live up to the first one. Here Lam Ching Ying takes on Hopping vampires in the modern day world, along for the ride is acrobatic legend Yuen Biao. The fight scenes are a good watch, but there are no fancy movements or real kung fu skills on show here, but it is still a good watch. One stand out scene is when lam, Biao and Moon lee are locked in a room with two vampires and end up spilling a bottle which slows everyone’s reactions down, funny scene.

9.Dead And The Deadly (1982)

Cast:Lam Ching Ying, Sammo Hung, Chung Fat, Cherie Chung, Wu Ma
This was the second horror/kung fu movie where Lam teamed up with legend Sammo Hung after the success of Encounters Of The Spooky kind. Here Lam plays a much older Toast Priest, so we don’t get to see him kicking any vampire butts but that’s ok, as Sammo does all that for us with some great scenes including the end fight with Chung Fat and his men. Another great fight is when Sammo is examining Wu Ma’s body to see how he died, Wu Ma is doubled by Yuen Biao for some of the more acrobatic movements. A decent movie, but isn’t as good as some of the other horror movies lam did.

8.Mr.Vampire 3 (1987)
Cast:Lam Ching Ying, Richard Ng, Pauline Wong, Billy Lau
Mr.Vampire 3 goes back in time from the modern world of part 2 and brings more laughs and stand out moments than the second movie did. Lam is back playing the part of the Toast priest, Richard Ng is also on board and brings a certain charm to the movie. Billy Lau is only the real person brought back from the first two movies but sometimes i feel he is a bit hard to watch in some films, just over acts in parts. We also get to see a child vampire, as part of the crew, which is fine at first, but does get annoying as the movie goes on. Lam does have some great action sequences and as usual saves the day.

7.The Ultimate Vampire (1991)
Cast:Lam Ching Ying, Chin Siu Ho, Ku Feng, Carrie Ng
The Ultimate Vampire is a movie i really enjoyed, although still connected to the Mr.Vampire movies, this is one of the better spin offs and also brings back Chin Siu Ho, who is always a great watch. Carrie Ng plays the part of a ghost who is in love with lam Ching Ying throughout the movie, although lam doesn’t really see the signs at first, then tries to play it cool later. We also get to see a group called the Hell police, who appears for money to take on certain jobs Lam and his team wont do, funny stuff. There are some great sequences, Lam taking on loads of vampires at one time, whilst trying to rescue Chin Siu Ho is a great watch. Other stand out scenes include the house attack, where hundreds of zombies turn up to break into lam’s house hold and they have to fend them off and the final fight scene is also a good watch.

6.An Eternal Combat (1991)
Cast:Lam Ching Ying, Joey Wong, Anthony Wong, Philip Ko
A fun movie from the start to the very end, it starts of in the past where a battle takes place, but when the evil escapes and somehow transports to the future, Lam and his team set off to track it down. When in modern day, they don’t have a clue what certain things are, they are not used to modern technology and some of the outcomes are funny. Joey Wong plays two parts, one in the past and again in the present when the team go looking for her and find her working in a institute (Of course, she doesn’t know who they are). If you like wu’xia and spirit movies, then this one is for you, good action sequences throughout, good characters and also Anthony Wong plays the part of Joey Wong’s ex, who just wont take no for an answer.

5.Red And Black (1991)
Cast:Lam Ching Ying, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Joey Wong, Wu Ma
A rare movie, but one that needs to be seen by any lam Ching Ying fan. His acting is on form in this movie, which also features a great cast and other fine acting performances by the likes of Tony Leung and Wu ma. It centers around a cave which is being dug, but underneath lies a deadly force known as “Blood Evil” that can take possession of anyone by touching head to head. Lam Ching Ying plays a doctor, who tries to figure out who is possessed and also stop a political leader from taking over the world. Some great bits of directing, capturing some great horror style moments which builds up the suspension. The movie only features one fight scene, which doesn’t last long but this movie didn’t need fights, Lam is in fine form here as well as Tony, Joey and Wu ma.

4.Magic Cop (1990)
Cast:Lam Ching Ying, Billy Chow, Michiko Nishiwaki, Frankie Chin
Magic Cop once again takes us into the modern world, where this time Lam has his hands full taking on Michiko Nishiwaki and her sidekick Billy Chow. Lam brings his Toast Priest skills into full force with some excellent moments, one where he as to help his friend from being controlled by Michiko, when both are not even in the same place. Some good fight scenes throughout, but the best is saved till last when Lam takes on super villain Billy Chow before going after the evil witch herself in the final showdown, which involves lots of fighting, explosions and fire, a good movie which is also known as Mr.Vampire 5.

3.Spooky Encounters (1990)
Cast:Lam Ching Ying, Sammo Hung, Meng Hoi, Colin Chou, Huang Ha
Spooky Encounters is the sequel to the 1980 movie “Encounters Of The Spooky Kind” and just like the first, it doesn’t disappoint one bit. Lam, Sammo and Meng Hoi are terrific throughout, all three work very well together which shines on screen. Here they go after an evil wizard who is hell bent on making Sammo’s life hell, Lam uses some great magic and kung fu to take him on, as well as the snake men, kung fu zombies and much, much more. The fights are a brilliant watch, Sammo and lam both delivering high tempo fights and movements. Colin Chou is also in this movie playing one of the snake men in an early role for him. Although not as good as the first movie, this still lives up to the hype and every-time i watch it, i love it.

2.Encounters Of The Spooky Kind (1980)
Cast:Lam Ching Ying, Sammo Hung, Wu Ma, Chung Fat, Peter Chan, Tai Bo
If this movie had lam playing more of a central role (Toast priest) and had more fight scenes, then this would be number 1 in my list, but as he is only a co star and doesn’t have much fights, it remains second. An excellent movie from start to finish, Sammo really did a top job in mixing Horror and the Kung Fu genre together, to me, he is the best at doing so. Lam plays a cop who is trying to track Sammo down after thinking he had killed his wife near the start of the movie. The directing is very well down, capturing some great horror style moments and builds the tension perfectly. Peter Chan plays the rival priest who takes on Sammo and Chung Fat plays the priests brother who ends up helping Sammo. Yuen Biao plays the vampire who takes on Sammo in the abandoned house and also doubles for a few movements in the final scene. Classic.

1.Mr.Vampire (1985)
Cast:Lam Ching Ying, Chin Siu Ho, Moon Lee, Ricky Hui, Pauline Wong
If there is one movie which features Lam in the lead role and taking on Vampires, then this is the movie. Out of all the Mr.Vampire movies and spin offs, this is without the best of the lot, bringing us a great blend of Kung Fu, Horror and comedy. Produced by Sammo Hung and with an all star cast, this movie doesn’t disappoint, Lam is in fine form as the Toast Priest, Chin Siu Ho brings us some great fighting moments and shows us how flexible he is with a few back flips and high kicks. Moon lee does a great job and looks fine throughout, playing the women who as Ricky Hui trying to chase after her throughout. A very good movie, if you haven’t seen these type of films, but you are a fan of lam Ching Ying, then you dont know what your missing.

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