Cast:Juju Chan, Maria Tran, Adrian Castro, Thien Nguyen, Alan Tran

Director:Maria Tran, Adrian Castro

fight choreographer:Trung Ly

Cinematographer:Justin Gong

VFX and Sound:Adrian Castro

Studio:Phoenix Eye Transmedia in collaboration with Fideo Films and Jusmedia


Two mismatched killer assassins, sexy elite barbie Pixie Ho (Juju Chan) and hot-tempered, tomboy partner Charlie Vu (Maria Tran) are reaching breaking point in their tag team partnership. The mismatched duo must look past their differences when they take on an unusual undercover school girl assignment and take down son of multi millionaire, playboy Michael Huang – their former primary school crush. But will this be their last assignment?


Hit Girls opens with nice shots of the desert, it seems all quiet around them parts as the credits roll on, flipping from shots of guns and knifes,Justin Gong who is the (Cinematographer), finds some nice locations here for Adrian and maria to shoot, as it is an open landscape, which looks very nice on film. Then all of a sudden we see someone flip onto screen and this is when we get to see leading star Maria Tran showing what she can do.

Some Nice editing during the fight scene, with fast paced action, then going into slow motion for certain moves and flips, great combination. There is a move Maria does, disarming the bad guy of his gun by jumping up, legs around his head, spins round and flips him into a dumpster, great move from Maria and great reactions from the stuntman. Trung Ly is the fight choreographer on the movie and he as some great sequences in here, bringing the hand to hand combat and also the UFC style grappling moves to full effect, Trung Ly also own his own Dojo which is called ” Dong Tam”, so if you around that area, please pop down there i am sure you would be very welcome.

During this scene, it cuts to a few gangsters having some food, when one looks up and spots the fight taking place on CCTV camera, here Maria shows her love for Jackie Chan and his influence with a very Chan like move by running past the villain and in one quick move, removes his belt his pants fall down – very Jackie Chan and loved it, funny stuff. Just when we think her look is out, her co star appears (Juju Chan) spraying out bullets with some good slow motion shots, whilst Maria stands a side and very cool, starts lighting up a cigarette. Juju then flips these 2 small guns from each side under her sleeves and takes out the rest of the gang. Very good opening scene, great directing by Adrian castro and reactions by the stuntmen. Adrian Castro’s involvement is (Co director, VFX guy and Sound), he shows here he is great talent in what he wants portraying on screen which comes across very well.

This has a very western style feel to the opening movie, the music, the coolness of the lighting of cigarette (Very Clint Eastwood), camera angels.

Shortly after this scene when the fight as settled down, we see Maria and Juju get into an argument when Maria says “Guns are irrelevant and so are fake boobs”, looking at Juju at the same time.
This is followed by Juju slapping the cig out of maria’s mouth, “What did you say” then after Maria dismantles Juju’s gun (Jackie style) Juju then replies by hitting her in the face with her boobs, funny stuff. They blended the serious action and comedy very well, switching between both with ease.

Some nice moves in this fight, more grappling and arm bars (UFC style), love the shot of the dog throughout the opening scenes, reminds me of the cat in Bruce Lee’s “Way Of The Dragon” end fight scene with Chuck Norris.

The next scene they receive a hit list of people who they can take out, but one name on the list stands out more than any other, “Michael Huang”. Here we get to see a flash back of Michael as a kid, dressed in a suit from a young age, always looking shifty, they have to take the job on, but there reaction is funny when they realize they have to play escorts to get in there.

Next shot we are at the night club of Michael Huang (Thien Nguyen), here the director moves the camera along to show the gangsters sat down, flirting with girls, as the dance music plays behind. Most of them have the cool laid back look, shades, smartly dressed and the girls also in nice dresses. Then we see a shot of someones feet, as the camera moves up, its our leading ladies dressed in outfits which most males will enjoy, again Maria with the cig in her mouth a nice trademark here.

As they mingle in with the crowd, dancing, the camera moves through the crowded dancers bringing the main target into shot (Michael).
He takes notice of Maria right away, he stands up, goes over to her, removes her glasses and starts to dance. She is slightly taken by him and as he moves his hands down her leg, he pulls out her knife, looking nervous, she just kicks him in the chest and sends him over the table.

When Juju pulls the gun out on him, there are some great reaction shots from all involved, good directing here picking up the emotions of the characters. Then just as you think Juju will shoot him, the police come in. After a discussion with the arresting officer, Maria then puts the cig back in her mouth and lights it.

Then with a great twist, the girls and the gangsters start shooting at the police offers, the camera then cuts to outside, slowing moving down the building with the sound of gun shots and flashes from the windows. Great shot there which leaves the audience guessing weather or not anyone actually survives.


I have to say i was very impressed with this movie, i thought everyone involved did a terrific job and you can tell we have a very talented team here. The action scenes were very well done, great choreography and directing was spot on picking up every move by all involved. It felt like a good mix with a Western style feel to it, the music, the shots of the desert between scenes then bringing in the new style of action with Arm bars, more street fight style with some acrobatic movements thrown in.

For an independent film company in Australia, they have got some great talent on show, Maria was involved in most aspects on the movie, directing , writing and producing the movie also, shows she as the skills to go on to the next level. I also give props to Juju, she worked very well with Maria and she is great to watch, she as a good presence about her and i expect her to go on and make some great movies in the future. Adrian Castro (Co director, VFX guy and Sound), Justin Gong (Cinematographer) and Trung Ly (Fight Choreographer and owns martial arts dojo – Dong Tam) – the combination of these people really made the project a crazily unique experience that was seriously fast and furious to shoot.

Also the stuntmen on show and the others actors did a great job, this is what Independent movie making is all about. Oh and just to finish off, i love the opening titles with a little nod towards the old Shaw Brothers logo opening, “GS” – GUERILLASCOPE.

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