A Man Will Rise is the latest movie from Thailand supreme Tony Jaa and features action legend Dolph Lundgren along side him. The news comes as Jaa was supposed to star along side Jean Claude Van Damme, but rumors are that the script was re titled and the role gone to Dolph instead (Would have preferred Van Damme to be honest), but nothing is confirmed on that news yet.

This will be the first real International movie that Jaa as starred in, bringing in someone like Dolph, fresh from The Expendable movies is a good idea and will put Jaa in the spot light to show what he can really do to a wider audience.


The images show Dolph sporting a dodgy tash in a cow boy outfit, so looks like we’ll be getting a spaghetti western type of a movie here. Fans are also waiting on the long awaited sequel to Tom Yum Goong, which is now set for a August 2013 release and it seems Jaa is now back with a bang and i really hope to see him team up with Sammo Hung in a future project (Sha Po lang 2).


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