Year is 1964 in Oakland, California; a fight occurs between two martial artists, Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man. This fight will become legendary and subject of many discussions much like the two of them. There’s a whole lot of talk about that fight, but only a handful of witnesses and each with a different story. No one can say for sure who won; was it Bruce Lee or Wong Jack Man? The former is dead, and the latter is not talking.


There are a lot of contradicting stories about this duel; some say the reason for the duel was that Wong didn’t approve of Lee’s teaching martial arts to Caucasian students and others that Wong simply responded to Lee’s open challenge for anyone who thinks he can beat him. The stories also conflict when it comes to duel’s outcome. The fact is we’ll never know for sure, but the important part is that the duel with Wong Jack Man made Bruce Lee deepen his philosophy, intensify training, create and develop his own philosophy and martial art known as Jeet Kune Do or Way of the Intercepting Fist. This was Lee’s last fight before becoming a movie star and martial arts legend we all know and love.

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As we approach the 40th anniversary of Lee’s death there are plans for a movie with this historic fight as a framework and it will be called The Birth of the Dragon.


The Birth of the Dragon will be written by Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele (Nixon, Ali). Bill Block and Michael London will produce alongside Wilkinson and Rivele and Kelly Mullen will be an executive producer. They hope they’ll start filming in 2014. According to the producers this is not just another biopic, they’ve merely taken the story about the legendary fight as an introduction, but the rest of the film is completely fictional and involves Lee and Wong fighting together against the Triads; or kicking the living hell out of them.



Groundswell Productions CEO Michael London said,

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[quote]“The idea, actually, is to take that battle, which has been so mysterious and so powerful and so interesting to so many, and tell the lead-up to that story, which is Wong Jack Man’s arrival in San Francisco.”[/quote]


Although it’s unclear as to why they’ve decided to take the real characters and fictionalize them instead of making a real biopic, we’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope for at least a decent action movie.

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