Well Go USA Entertainment will release Park Hoon-Jeong’s gangster-thriller New World on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital on July 23rd.


After the death of the boss of the Goldmoon crime syndicate tensions grow between his top two lieutenants who vie for the now vacant top position. However, it soon becomes clear that someone in the organization is a mole and one of the lieutenants, the brutal Jung (Hwang Jun-min), hires hackers to break into the police databases to find the rat. Little do they know that the spy is the other lieutenant, late boss’ right hand man Jag-sung (Lee Jung-jae), an undercover cop who spent the last eight years of his life infiltrating the criminal organization. Terrified of being made, torn between his duties as an officer and his loyalty to the gangsters, and with a baby on the way Ja-sung makes a decision that no one could have predicted.


New World is a 135 minutes long roller coaster of a film. You can not only get this critically acclaimed film on July 23rd, but it also includes bonus materials such as a behind-the-scenes featurette and a photo gallery.