Around the time Ip Man first entered the scene, i always thought they should do a new movie based on the real life hero Wong Fei Hung and it’s finally happening. The movie will be directed by Roy Chow and will co-star Sammo Hung as Wong Fei Hung’s master, Jing Boran and Max Zhang, there is no news yet on who will play Wong Fei Hung.

The action will be choreographed by Corey Yuen who has worked with Jet Li throughout most of his career as they hope to bring out some excellent fight scenes in the upcoming movie. Director Chow had this to say “It’s been almost twenty years since the last Wong Fei-hung movie was made. I aim to portray the legendary character from a different angle — a young man with a dream.”

So, who would you like to portray Wong in the latest movie? The character will be a younger Wong so i guess Jet Li, Jackie Chan ect are out of the question for this movie. Lets hope for a cracking movie which is due for release in the second part of 2014.



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