Originally titled Monk on Fire in English, this action-fantasy film from director/writer/star Dustin Nguyen has flaming motorcycles, epic battles, and romance. It is no surprise that audiences, both in Vietnam and abroad, have been eagerly awaiting this film that has been five years in the making. The official release has now been announced as August 22nd.

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Starring Dustin Nguyen (The Floating Lives, De Mai Tinh), Roger Yuan (Skyfall, Bulletproof Monk), Thanh Van Ngo (House in the Alley, Pearls of the Far East) this film is the first of its genre produced in Vietnam. Combining historical fantasy and martial arts, this film began shooting in 2012 and is currently in post-production.vlcsnap-2013-07-13-15h30m44s192 copy

Inspired by the works of Sergio Leone this movie is about a gangster-ridden town, a pair of bakers desperate to save their home, and a mysterious stranger who stumbled into the whole mess.

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This film has also gained fame as the producer/director/star Dustin Nguyen refused offers from Chinese and American production companies in order to complete his vision of a boundary-crossing Vietnamese language film.

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Quang Minh Do (Vu Dieu Duong Cong) co-produced this film with Dustin Nguyen, who has also produced Long Ruoi. Lửa Phật (Once Upon a Time in Vietnam) is distributed by BHD. The official site can be found here, the official Facebook page here.