I didn’t want to originally do a post like this, mainly due to the fact i love both studio’s and the movies they made. A lot of talk in some groups is which company made the better movies throughout there time, the year for this one is 1979.

I shall pick the 4 best movies i think from each year, starting with 1979 and let you guys decide in the comments box, which studio ruled that year. I have to say, i struggled with GH this year.

Golden Harvest


Cast:Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Leung Kar Yan, Mars, Lee Hoi San
Choreographed by:Sammo Hung



From Riches To Rags
Cast:Ricky Hui, Johnny Koo, Tong Jing, Lam Ching Ying
Choreographed by:Billy Chan Wui Ngai, Lam Ching Ying



Itchy Fingers
Cast:Richard Ng, Roy Chiao, Melvin Wong, Ho Pak Kwong



The Hellfire Angel
Cast:Ma Man Yee, Wong Yuen San, Yeung Chak Lam


Shaw Brothers


Mad Monkey Kung Fu
Cast:Lau Kar Leung, Hsiao Ho, Kara Hui, Lo Lieh, Ching Chu
Choreographed by:Lau Kar Leung



Ten Tigers Of Kwangtung
Cast:Fu Sheng, Ti Lung, The Venoms, Dick Wei, Chin Siu Ho
Choreographed by:Leung Ting, Philip Kwok Chung Fung, Chiang Sheng, Lu Feng, Robert TaiChi Hsien



Five Super Fighters
Cast:Leung Siu Hung, Ng Yuen Jun, Austin Wai
Choreographed by:Hsu Hsia



Kid With The Golden Arm
Cast:The Venoms, Wai Pak, Johnny Wang
Choreographed by:Lu Feng, Chiang Sheng, Robert Tai Chi Hsien