The team that brought us “Hit Girls”, are back with a new short movie titled “Gaffa”. The movie stars Maria Tran (who we have covered a fair few times in the past), who with her team, come up with some great action scenes and are starting to make a noise out there in the martial arts world.

Two sweatshop workers at the Balloon factory battle it out for an apple, gaffa and the final showdown with the big boss.


From the start of the movie you have a good feel factor, with old school computer style graphics opening the credits (With some funky music). This follows a funny moment when Maria Trans character is working hard to find her work mate sat down eating and showing off. She looks very angry and spots an apple, but before she can get to it, the lad has it in his hands and starts kissing it (funny stuff).

The scene that follows is a Jackie Chan style moment, with both fighting over objects, which they spin, flick and throw to stop the other getting to them. Maria even gets a unwelcome lick across her face by her co-worker, which had me laughing out loud (good silent comedy). Her boss happens to enter the room and ends up with sticky tape across his face, which ends with a sore rip and half a beard missing.

The action is great as always, Trung Ly (Choreographer), has impressed me with each project so far, mix that in with the directors Adrian Castro & Craig Anderson with great vision and actress Maria Tran, they have a great team which will take them far. Each movie brings something new, different to the last with refreshing ideas which i hope to see more off in the future.

So enjoy the short movie “Gaffa” (bottom of page) and continue to support these guys with any future material.


Directed by
Adrian Castro & Craig Anderson

Produced by
Craig Anderson & Maria Tran

DOP/ Cinematographer
Justin Gong

Fight Choreographer
Trung Ly

Edited by
Craig Anderson

Girl worker

Boy worker
Andy Minh Trieu

The Boss
Craig Anderson

Sweat shop Workers
Daniel Van Ly
Joshua Tieu
Angela Tran
Ian Tran
Benjamin Cao

Equipment by
Jusmedia Productions

Post production by
Maria Tran

2013 Shortlisted Film Entry for Tropfest
Hoyts People’s Choice Awards for 2013 Joyhouse Film Festival
2013 Colourfest Film Festival Official Selection