Universal Pictures International Entertainment has bought the international blockbuster Chinese Zodiac, also known as CZ12, and will distribute the film in North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom (among other locations) in the upcoming year. This is no doubt great news to Jackie Chan fans in these countries as he both directed and starred in this action film that has already earned $180 million in the Asian box-office. Some will note that this film has already had a limited release through AMC Theatres this last October, however this film will now reach an even greater number of eyes through Universal.Jackie-Chan-Chinese-Zodiac-film

The plot of this films circles around the loss of twelve bronze figures of the Chinese zodiac, whose retrieval Jackie Chan’s character JC has been tasked with completing. While fulfilling this mission JC finds himself not only caught up in international intrigue dating as far back as the Second Opium War, but also in a plot involving fraud on a grand scale and the kidnapping of several of his associates. If this plot sounds familiar to Hong Kong action film fans, this is due to Chinese Zodiac being a homage to Jackie Chan’s previous films Armour of God and its sequel Armour of God II: Operation Condor.


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This is not to indicate that Chinese Zodiac cannot stand on its own merit. It was nominated for several awards at the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards and won in the Best Action Choreography category. It is the second highest grossing Hong Kong film in China of all time, with only 2013’s Journey to the West topping its sales. Chinese Zodiac also holds two Guinness World Records; both going to Jackie Chan for the number of credits held and stunts performed by a single person an individual film. Not to be outdone only 37 years into his action film career, Jackie Chan’s next film, Police Story 2013, already has slots reserved at the Berlin and Cannes film festivals.

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