One of the most talked-about Japanese cult films of all time makes its way onto blu-ray for the first time EVER with a brand new high definition transfer supervised by Shinya Tsukamoto!


Tokyo Fist is an action, drama, thriller film from 1995 by Japanese director Shinya Tsukamoto. Starting November 25th, Third Window Films will bring you Tokyo Fist on Blu-Ray and remastered DVD with a brand new restoration from the original negatives done by Tsukamoto himself, cardboard slipcase with new illustrated design, a new exclusive interview with the director, clip from original concert and new UK trailer and original theatrical trailer. Besides directing Tokyo Fist, Shinya Tsukamoto also starred in it portraying an insurance salesman Tsuda Yoshiharu.





Tsuda Yoshiharu is an insurance salesman, an archetypal Japanese salary man leading a dull life with his fiancée Hizuru. She is polite and compliant, an ideal Japanese wife. But once Tsuda’s childhood friend Kojima enters their lives, everything will turn upside down. Kojima is a pro boxer who excels in physical violence and mental and emotional brutality. He will try and seduce his friend’s fiancée and although he will fail in the beginning once Tsuda finds out about his attempt, he will seek revenge. But Tsuda is no match to Kojima and his boxing skills and he will be beaten badly. Hizuru is now attracted to Kojima and she will leave Tsuda to move in with Kojima.


Tsuda decides that he will fight Kojima again; he gets himself to the gym and into training so that he can wreak his revenge with his fists. It will result in a violent, bloody duel with heavy consequences for both of them.


It is a violent, exaggerated film with brutal imagery. It has a runtime of 87 minutes and the music for it is composed by Japanese industrial band Der Eisenrost.


Special Features

  • New high definition transfer restored from original negatives by Shinya Tsukamoto
  • Collectable case with slip-case cover and reversible sleeve with new illustrations
  • New interview with the Shinya Tsukamoto
  • Clip from original concert
  • New UK Trailer


Besides Shinya Tsukamoto the cast also includes his brother Koji Tsukamoto in the role of Kojima and Kaori Fujii as Tsuda’s fiancée Hizuru.


Watch the trailer here

[embedvideo id=”TZ1aiK-MivQ” website=”youtube”]


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