The taut and sizzling action-thriller, Cold Eyes draws attention from the beginning with a gripping opening sequence, introducing its major characters and subtly signaling that something is going on under the surface.

The film follows the story of the snappy, playful surveillance team on the trail of the carefully orchestrated heist led by the mastermind, James (Jung Woo-sung).

Cold Eyes is an adaptation of the Hong Kong original film Eye in the Sky (2007), directed by Yau Nai-hoi and produced by Johnnie To. It features personas with distinctive characters and eye-pleasing action scenes taking place against the Seoul metropolis.

“I really liked the character, which is why I decided to take on the role,” Jung Woo-sung said, adding that he had no hesitation in playing the villain. Jung acknowledged that taking on such a character was an important step in his career.


“I wanted to give a classic feel to James, my character in the film, and bring back some of the very cool and calm feel seen in old black-and-white films,” Jung said.

Jung said he enjoyed filming with his co-stars, Sol Kyung-gu, Han Hyo-joo, and Lee Junho of the Korean boy band 2PM. Jung remarked that he liked Lee’s passion and fresh approach.

“It made me reflect on myself and I realized I shouldn’t forget to look at my job with fresh eyes,” Jung said.

The cast doesn’t just include bankable names, but they are also well suited to their roles, delivering something different to their respective onscreen personas.

In a nice touch, Simon Yam (played a surveillance operative in the original film) plays a small but noticeable cameo at the end.

The star-studded film, Cold Eyes dominated the local box office after its release on Jul 3 and achieved over 5 million admissions.


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