Written & Directed by: Adrian Castro
Produced by: Maria Tran
Fight Choreographer: Trung Ly
DOP: Justin Gong/Adrian Castro

Maria Tran
Ian Tran
Craig Anderson
Joe Le

Maria Tran (Gaffa, Hit Girls) and her team are back with a new short movie called Enter The Dojo 2, delivering more action and there own blend of comedy which works very well. If you have seen some of there work before then you will know that they aim to deliver the best and so far, they are yet to disappoint. I have said from the start, this team have some great skills and talent in front and behind the camera, expect lots more in the future.

When receiving the video from Maria i was happy to do a review has with each project i watch, it keeps getting better and better. It starts off with the Guerillascope logo, which is reminiscent of the old Shaw Brothers one which takes your attention right away. The opening scene starts off with Maria (Iron Lotus) and her two friends (Oscar and Iron Beard) facing Joe Le known as (Novajo Joe) and his fellow fighters. But as Novajo confronts one of them he realizes he cant fight but when Maria shouts “TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES”, one of Nova’s men remembers her beating him up and tells his boss to take of his shoes also, funny scene.


It then switches to a flash back with Maria asking her friend Ian Tran if he knows any kung fu moves such as Dragon, Tiger, Snake, he just shakes his head which means it’s all down to Maria and Craig Anderson (Iron Beard).
Craig starts the fight off with some power moves to knock his attackers away using the long pole also, then Maria takes on Novajo starting off using a small stick before taking to using just hands and feet. The action is very well shot with the camera moving to capture all the movements, the music you will instantly notice in this part from old kung fu flicks.
I love the part when Maria kicks the sword out of Novajos hand and it lands next door in front of a young lad eating his food, good comedy timing. She finishes the fight off with one of her special moves, the Buddha Palm and just as you think the fights over another school turn up to challenge them called the Wild Bunch all dressed in black. The three of them do a pose which reminded me of the movie My Lucky Stars when Sammo and his team strike a funny pose before fighting, then it comes to the end of the scene.


The choreography is great as always, there’s one point when Maria is taking on 2 guys at once using movements like Jackie Chan to be rid of her opponents, there are guys being thrown through tables, just what you want in a martial arts sequence. The set is very well done, with gym equipment and different weapons you could use in a fight if being attacked which is on show. The director Adrian Castro does a great job using different angels in the fight scene, with each punch and feet landing, looking powerful, another great job by Trung Ly with the choreography.

Verdict: Very much enjoyed it, great characters, action, comedy and directing from all involved.

Others to look out for from this brilliant team are: Hit Girls, Gaffa and Tiger Cop 2, with Tiger Cop 3 on its way in the near future.