The Rooftop is out on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital this December 10th from Well Go USA Entertainment. Taiwanese pop sensation, actor, writer and director Jay Chou has created a fantasy playground of martial arts, music, moves, and magic all wrapped up into one movie The Rooftop which is an action comedy that pays homage to the wondrous musicals of the past. It represents a genre that’s difficult to categorize and something that’s never seen before in Asia. New York Times’ Daniel M. Gold described it as “…frenzied, funny and knowing, drenched in lavish, often surreal, imagery.”


DVD-2D-RooftopThis is Jay Chou’s second feature film and in addition to writing, directing and starring in it, he also wrote 11 original musical tunes for this musical. The Rooftop also stars Alan Ko (Goodbye May), Eric Tsang (Ip Man: The Final Fight), Wang Xue Qi (Iron Man 3Reign of Assassins), Fan Xu (Saving General YangBack to 1942), and newcomer Hsin Ai Lee.

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Gao (Jay Chou) and his friends are the happiest kids in the city of Galilee that consists of two contrasting communities, the ones living on the rooftops and happily go about singing all day and the ones on the ground who are more affluent and powerful. Living on the rooftops of this bustling metropolis, sometimes life can be tough, but they still churn out songs all day, and dance under the stars at night. But when Gao meets his dream girl, a billboard beauty named Sian (Hsin Ai Lee), fate takes him on a wild ride through the high and low parts of the town he loves – where tales of friendship, romance, and gang rivalry are all told through enchanting melodies and stunning dance numbers.

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The Rooftop has a runtime of 120 minutes and it’s not rated.


For more insight, check out the trailer below:

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