Are you tired of getting socks and underwear for Christmas? Well you can change that now. Why don’t you gift your friends or yourself a nice Korean flick? This is your opportunity! Terracota Distribution is offering a Christmas Sell Out.

We are very close to Christmas and the nice people from Terracota Distribution have been touched by the Christmas spirit. They have organized a nice reduction on their DVDs and they are offering a 15% discount on orders over £9. The catalogue has a wide range of films from South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia. Some of the directors include, Juno Mak, Johnnie To, Kim Ki-duk, Sora Aoi, and many more.

Come on! Don’t be like those people that run at the last time to buy some cheap flavor breaded because they forgot to buy gifts. Enter into Terracotta Online Shop and get that flick that you where look for.

To get this discount click on ‘Apply Promo Code’ at checkout section and enter the code: NEWSX13. Remember that the offer ends on Sunday 15 so hurry up!


About Terracotta
Terracotta Distribution, part of the Terracotta Entertainment Group, promotes Far East films in the UK. Terracotta Distribution releases quality Asian Cinema across all platforms, with no stipulation on country or genre, and recently launched an imprint label, Terror-Cotta.