Release Date: 9 January 2014

The long wait is over, we finally have an official trailer for the upcoming kung fu flick Once Upon A Time In Shanghai. The movie stars kung fu legend Sammo Hung, Andy On and Phillip Ng and is choreographed by Yuen Woo Ping.

The movie is a Shaw Brothers release which i am very excited about and i have high expectations about this with some good action in the trailer. The way the action has been shot, it reminds me a little of Ip Man, so if its anything like that, were in for a great movie.

Synopsis: In the early 20th century, labourers from all over the country were rushing to thr flourishing city of Shanghai. Ma Yongzhen (Philip Ng), a youthful man from Shangdong, arrived at this prosperous city working as a dock labourer. He moves to Shanghai in the hope of becoming rich. But ends up using his kung fu skills to survive and against the evil Japanese.