Like millions of you around the world, i love Kung Fu movies. It is the only real genre that keeps me going back for more and that is why i will always love Kung Fu movies.

I know many of you have probably seen many of the movies i will post about, but this is also for anyone new to the genre of Kung Fu and even Swordplay and looking for other movies to enjoy. I hope you enjoy the movies i have listed and please feel free to comment about any of the movies.


36th Chamber Of Shaolin (1978)
Studio: Shaw Brothers
Director: Lau Kar Leung
Cast: Gordon Liu, Lau Kar Wing, Lo Lieh, Wilson Tong, Lee Hoi San
Action Director(s): Lau Kar Leung




Invincible Armour (1977)
Studio: Lai Wah Film Company
Director: Ng See Yuen
Cast:John Liu, Hwang Jang Lee, Philip Ko, Tino Wong, Yuen Biao
Action Director(s): Corey Yuen, Yuen Biao



Once Upon A Time In China (1991)
Studio: Film Workshop, Golden Harvest, Paragon Films
Director: Tsui Hark
Cast: Jet Li, Yuen Biao, Rosamund Kwan, Yen Shi Kwan, Jacky Cheung
Action Director(s): Lau Kar Wing, Yuen Cheung Yan, Yuen Shun Yee



The Secret Rivals (1976)
Studio: Seasonal Film
Director: Ng See Yuen
Cast: John Liu, Don Wong Tao, Hwang Jang Lee, James Nam, Yuen Biao
Action Director(s): Chan Chuen, Tommy Lee Gam Ming, Richard Cheung Kuen



Shanghai 13 (1985)
Studio: Chang Ho
Director: Chang Cheh
Cast: Chiang Ming, David Chiang, Ti Lung, Ricky Cheng, Chi Kuan Chun, Chiang Sheng, Leung Kar yan
Action Director(s): Ricky Cheng Tien Chi, Chiang Sheng, Lau Kar Wing, Lu Feng, Wong Gwok Chue



Snake And Crane Arts Of Shaolin (1978)
Studio: Lo Wei Motion Pictures
Director: Chan Chi Hwa
Cast: Jackie Chan, Nora Miao, Gam Ching Lan, Kam Kong, Lau Nga Ying
Action Director(s): Jackie Chan, To Wai Wo



Enter The Dragon (1973)
Studio: Golden Harvest, Warner Brothers
Director: Robert Clouse
Cast: Bruce Lee, Bolo,
Action Director(s): Bruce Lee



Shaolin Martial Arts (1974)
Studio: Chang’s Film Co, Shaw Brothers
Director: Chang Cheh
Cast: Chi Kuan Chun, Fu Sheng, Fung Hak On, Leung Kar Yan, Gordon Liu, Johnny Wang, Lau Kar Wing
Action Director(s): Tong Gaai, Lau Kar Leung



Thundering Mantis (1979)
Studio: East Asia Film Co
Director: Teddy Yip Wing Cho
Cast: Leung Kar Yan, Eddie Ko, Chin Yuet Sang, Wong Yat Lung,
Action Director(s): Robert Tai Chi Hsien



The Odd Couple (1979)
Studio: Gar Bo Motion Picture Company
Director: Lau Kar Wing
Cast: Sammo Hung, Lau Kar Wing, Leung Kar Yan, Mars, Lee Hoi San, Dean Shek
Action Director(s): Sammo Hung, Lau Kar Wing