The Attorney DVD Box Art

Fictionalized from actual events, the South Korean blockbuster hit THE ATTORNEY (original title Byeon-ho-in) debuts on DVD and digital June 17th from Well Go USA Entertainment. The Attorney is directed by Woo-seok Yang.


International superstar SONG Kang-ho (Joint Security Area, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Snowpiercer) stars in this courtroom drama as a shady lawyer who takes on an important case involving government brutality. The film was nominated for Best Actor (SONG Kang-ho), Best Newcomer (YIM Si-wan) and Best Supporting Actress (KIM Yeong-ae) at the 2014 Asian Film Awards.



SONG Woo-seok has no clients, connections, or a college degree, but his eye for business and appetite for money make him the most successful lawyer in town. But at the peak of his success, a local teenager is falsely accused of a crime, then beaten and tortured while waiting in jail. Shocked by these conditions, SONG takes the case no one else will, and changes the course of his life.

THE ATTORNEY has a runtime of approximately 127 minutes and is not rated.


This is what the reviews had to say about The Attorney:


“…the movie is carried by its rousing pro-democracy message and a lively performance from the versatile leading man …” ~ Mark Jenkins, THE WASHINGTON POST


“Led by a terrific Song Kang-ho and deftly handling its sensitive subject, The Attorney stands as one of the most successful combinations of commerce and social consciousness in recent years.” ~ Pierce Conran, TWITCH FILM


“… a sturdily constructed and intelligently compelling courtroom melodrama. Of course, it helps immeasurably that Song Kang-ho … propels the fact-based plot with a charismatic lead performance … [displaying] a star power quite capable of transcending any language barriers.” ~ Joe Leydon, VARIETY


Watch the trailer for this exciting drama below: