Oh boy, where to start with this one. Just when you think movies can’t get any crazier; this one comes along. The film’s opening immediately sets the tone with the following message: “This movie is fiction! It is made with respect to all of God’s creatures. (Including animals and children)“. Well ok, that’s noted. Director Hitoshi Matsumoto, a famous and very popular comedian in Japan, is known for his weird and absurd humor. Moviegoers already knew he could make a film or two with his previous outings as a director: Big Man Japan (2007), Symbol (2009) and Scabbard Samurai (2010). But if you have seen those films, trust me, you ain’t ready for what R100 is about to bring you.


Let me start by saying the following loud and clear: this movie definitely isn’t for everyone. Like I said before, the director is known for his sense of humor and he isn’t scared of taking it into deep levels of craziness. And this film, even though it starts pretty easygoing, is like an elevator going down, deeper and deeper until it ends up in a hidden and secret dungeon of absurd pleasures and entertainment. With R100, Matsumoto basically doesn’t contain himself and just let’s it rip.

r100 ii

The film follows an ordinary man (Nao Ômori), who joins a mysterious club. The membership of the club lasts one year and is known for its one and only rule: no cancellation under any circumstance. It brings the man a world of excitement he could never have dreamed of, and it just gets wilder and wilder… That’s all I want to say about the film storywise, cause I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprises the film has in store for you.


R100 is a movie experience that goes into the absurd, has fun breaking the fourth wall of cinema and is actually, even though sometimes pretty messed up, an interesting and enjoyable ride. That is if you can get passed a certain few pretty shocking scenes. Crazy and daring, sexy and the absolute opposite; Matsumoto’s new high (or probably to some, new low) in making films. I’m curious what his next move will be, cause it can’t get any crazier than this, right?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLMWi2udXGY&w=600&h=330]