Cast: Lawrence Leung, Stephanie Son, Dave Eastgate
Directed By: Craig Melville
Fight Choreographer: Trung Ly
Created By: Matchbox Pictures

Maximum Choppage is a six part series set to premiere in time for the Lunar New Year on Tuesday 24th February on ABC2. The series stars comedian Lawrence Leung, who plays a Kung Fu student who doesn’t do to well in real life combat. The series is set in Sydney, where they have some incredible talent trying to make a big noise in the martial arts industry.


Lawrence Leung is an award-winning Australian comedian/TV writer who has been performing internationally since 2001. He is known in comedy circles for his personal storytelling style, “social experiments”, quest-based solo shows and obsession with obscure or nerdy topics like puzzles, 80s childhood icons, con artists, psychology and ghosts. – website.

Each episode hopes to bring something different, such as martial arts, mystery, comedy and much more. There hasn’t been many action/martial arts TV series in Australia, so this will be something new and fresh which should get people excited and start a bigger buzz in the country.

Maria Tran
Maria Tran

Maria Tran (Hit Girls, Enter The Dojo, Gaffa) is a stunt double/ extras casting coordinator & Associate Producer on the movie and is showing the world just how talented she really is. Maria and her team have been making independent movies for a good few years now, just check out some of the short movies I mentioned above such as Hit Girls and Gaffa, also her fight scene in the movie Fist Of The Dragon.

“It is a rarity to see projects of this caliber hit TV so I’m quite excited that I got to a chance to be part of the process in various capacities”, says Maria.

Maximum Choppage was originally an independent movie created by Timothy Ly in which was Maria’s first entry into making a film of the martial Arts action genre. This film was released in 2008 and later on Matchbox Pictures took it on to develop into a series.

Trung Ly (right) fight choreographer
Trung Ly (right) fight choreographer

Trung Ly did the fight choreography as well as bringing on board the Dong Thanh Alliance Martial Arts (formerly known as Dong Tam). Trung Ly is a fantastic fight choreographer, every-time i see a project with his name attached i am always impressed not only by the choreography but the ideas behind it and his way of getting the best out of every actor.

Simon Chan (Lawrence Leung) has returned to his hometown of Cabramatta. Whilst everyone thinks he was studying at a legendary martial arts school in Beijing, the truth is he was at Marshall’s Art School, in Melbourne. Skillful with a paintbrush but clueless in combat, Simon is the exact opposite of an action hero. However, due to his mother’s boasting, everyone in Cabramatta thinks he is a kung fu master and the new saviour of their town.

I hope Maximum Choppage does really well and Martial Arts TV series and movies continue to grow bigger and bigger in Australia. Premier is the 24th February 2015 on ABC 2.

Check out trailer for the series right here and also check out some of the pictures below the trailer for more Trung Ly:

Dong Thanh Alliance Martial Arts
Dong Thanh Alliance Martial Arts
Maria Tran, Roger Corman, Trung Ly "Fist of the Dragon"
Maria Tran, Roger Corman, Trung Ly “Fist of the Dragon”
Josh Thomson,  Daniel Whyte, Xin Wuku, Trung Ly & Antony Szeto (Death Mist crew)
Josh Thomson, Daniel Whyte, Xin Wuku, Trung Ly & Antony Szeto (Death Mist crew)