Moon lee is simply one of the greatest female fighters in Martial Arts film history. Her high tempo fight scenes and hard hitting action ranks her among the greats, along with Angela Mao, Cynthia Rothrock and Yukari Oshima.

Some of her early movies roles which spring to mind are as follows – Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain, The Champions, Those Merry Souls and The Protector. After that we got to see her in the first two classic Mr.Vampire movies, but it wasn’t until the movie Angel that we finally seen what she could do. “Girls with Guns” genre was born, Moon teamed up with Yukari Oshima and delivered big time that females could fight as well and tough as men do and wow, she was not wrong.

Moon Lee stepped away from making movies around 1995, but as always continued doing her main passion which is dancing, something she did way before becoming a film star. But she did make a return in 2008 for the movie Only The Way, a low budget movie about a man whose life is transformed by Buddhist teachings.

I wont give to much more away as Moon lee will talk about some of her movies, working with actors and also injuries on set. I want to personally thank Moon for taking time and doing this interview for Asian Movie Pulse and wish her all the luck for future projects.

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Recent picture of Moon lee
Recent picture of Moon lee

Early on in your career you starred with legends such as Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung, in movies such as Zu Warriors, Champions and Winners And Sinners. How did working with them first come about?

Moon: I was introduced to Yuen and Sammo when I signed a contract with Golden Harvest.. they are all supportive of me and said I have a future doing more action movies… But I am not a martial artist per say… So they gave me several people who can teach me kung fu.. It is easy to learn because I already knew ballet.. So I only integrate kung fu moves to my knowledge of ballet and dance steps.

You have done some incredible action and stunts in your movies, what are the worst injuries you sustained whilst filming?

Moon: Injuries while shooting Devil Hunters. I sustained heavy burns and was in hospital recovering for days… I think that was the worse aside from broken wrist, ankles, and dislocated thumb.

You also worked with a favorite of mine, Lam Ching Ying early in your career. What was it like starring with him and did you learn from him when filming on set?

Moon: Lam Ching Yang was a great actor, a legend and a friend… I respect him a lot.. Gave me pointers on discipline and help me on proper choreography… Thought me many things not just in film making but in life as well.

If you could introduce someone famous to your movies or star along side, would you pick and why?

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Moon: I would introduce Ms. Nora Miao to play someone in my films… I have utmost respect for her She may not do action scenes with me, but just to have her is an honor.

What do you make of the current Martial Arts movie actors and do you think the glory days of Golden Harvest and Shaw Brothers will ever be topped?

Moon: Today.. the action I think has already shifted from Hong Kong to Hollywood which is good for the actors because they are working in a safe environment compared to our era. But I do not think it will top Golden Harvest or Shaw Brothers…. I do not see that from happening.

How would you like to be remembered in years to come for your movie career?

Moon: I would loved to be remembered, especially for aspiring young actors that to be dedicated, disciplined and hard work in order to be successful.. The uniqueness of our era where it is usually male dominated can be achieved.

Finally, what would you like to say to your fans around the world and to the readers of Asian Movie Pulse?

Moon: Hello.. this is Moon Lee… Just want to thank followers for your continued support and keeping our legacy alive and well hopefully for generations to come…. We wouldn’t be as we are now without your continued patronage for our films…. Fei cháng gàn xìe

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