In the month were everything is love, flowers, chocolates and romantic letters, here comes this release (on DVD & Blu-Ray) to shock all the sweetness away. Presented by CJ Entertainment here comes Lee Jeong-beom´s latest movie “No Tears for the Dead”.

Four years after “The Man from Nowhere” – another great flick– Korean film director Lee Jeong-beom presents this action/thriller movie that will keep us hook from the start. The film tells the story of a traumatized hit-man that decides not to kill his target and instead risk everything to protect her. The movie features Jang Dong-gun (Friend, Warrior’s Way) as the main character, Kim Min-hee (Helpless, Very Ordinary Couple), Brian Tee (The Wolverine, Jurassic World), Kim Hee-won (The Man from Nowhere, My Way) and Kim Joon-seong (Innocent Blood, Man-choo).

This awesome action pack DVD & Blu-Ray will be available from February 17th but you can make your pre-order NOW. The DVD has a price of $26.98 and the Blu-Ray a price of $29.98. Both formats has exclusive material featuring deleted scenes, action highlights, interview with Brian Tee, among other extra material.

More information about the movie below…

No Tears for the Dead


Director: Jeong-beom Lee
Writer: Jeong-beom Lee
Cast: Dong-gun Jang, Min-hee Kim, Brian Tee, Kang Han Na
Photography: Lee Mo-Gae
Music: Choi Yong-Rock
Production: South Korea | 2014
Original Title: U-neun nam-ja
Genre: Action | Thriller
Duration: 116 minutes
Price: $29.98 (Blu-ray) | $26.98 (DVD)

Gon (played by Jang Dong-gun) abandoned by his mother while he was still a kid grow up among mafias and soon developed into a cold-blooded hit man. His methods and skills are flawless and he is always able to carry out his business in a very professional way. But one day, everything changes when he mistakenly kills an innocent young girl. Things get more complicated after his boss order him to kill the young girl´s mother, Mogyeong (played by Kim Min-hee). Gon feeling guilty about what happened to Mogyeong´s daughter decides to protect her and face the consequences.


DVD vs Blu-Ray Features

DVD Blu-Ray
The Making Off
Director’s Commentary
Deleted Scenes X
Brian Tee Interview X
Character Spot: Mogyeong X
Character Spot: Gon X
Behind the Scene X
Action Highlights X

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Pre-Order Date: 1/6/2015
Price: $26.98

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