Last March 25, the 9th Asian Film Awards was held in Venetian Macao casino theatre. Attended by highly-acclaimed directors and screenwriters and rapidly-rising stars, the event was strongly dominated by China, having bagged more than half of the awards either independently or as a collaboration with Hong Kong.

9th Asian Film Awards Winners

With nominees hailing from the different corners of Asia and artistic films that take independent films to a whole new level, we can only imagine how difficult it must have been for the judging panel. Although China has won by a landslide, we certainly can’t discredit their tough competition and fellow winners. Take a look below to see who won what and learn what we think about their victories:

Best Film – Blind Massage

As the title suggests, “Blind Massage” tells the story of a group people who shares a similar position. That is, they’re blind and work as masseuse in a local massage parlor. But before you go emotional and drown in tears, know that this film aims not to draw sympathy but understanding—for viewers like us to understand that they’re just like everyone who dreams and loves.

The Blind Masseurs and Masseuses

Best Director – Ann Hui

A critically-acclaimed director famed for her defiant stand against corruption and other controversial social issues, Ann Hui yet again proves her directing prowess. Her film, “The Golden Era,” depicts the colorful but perilous life of Xiao Hong, a celebrated author who struggled and thrived amid the turbulent formation of the communist government and the Second World War.

Ann Hui

Best Actor – Liao Fan

Starring in “Black Coal, Thin Ice,” Liao Fan passionately portrayed Zhang Zili, a former detective who vows to clear his name as a series of murder arises. In this criminal case exactly the same as the one that brought shame to his name, victims are mercilessly dismembered, with their body parts scattered through the region via coal shipments. With a single clue to rely on and a budding relationship with his partner, the film sets a suspenseful and thrilling environment.

Liao Fan

Best Actress – Bae Doo Na

A favorite of the Wachowskis, Bae Doo Na is a fine actress who has garnered numerous awards and overwhelming praises for her roles in movies such as “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance,” “The Host,” and “Cloud Atlas.” In “A Girl at My Door,” Bae once again showcases her charisma and powerful screen presence, weathering the minor flaws of the film.

Bae Doo Na

Best Screenwriter – Diao Yinan

With a Dragons and Tigers Awards for Young Cinema for his directorial debut and a handful of widely-praised screenwriting credits to his name, Diao Yinan proves that he is someone to be reckoned with. With his new film, “Black Coal, Thin Ice,” Diao emphasizes how a strong story can make a simple concept into a haunting movie experience.

Diao Yinan

Other Victors of the 2015 AFA

Rounding up the list of winners this year are the following:

  • Best NewcomerZhang Huiwen
  • Best Supporting ActorWang Zhiwen
  • Best Supporting ActressIkewaki Chizuru
  • Best CinematographerZeng Jian
  • Best Production DesignerLiu Qing
  • Best ComposerMikey McCleary
  • Best EditorGareth Evans
  • Best Visual EffectsRick Sander and Christoph Zollinger
  • Best Costume DesignerWilliam Chang Suk Ping