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If we are to talk about the ever-growing Hallyu wave—the rapidly spreading popularity of South Korean culture—we can never leave out “My Sassy Girl.” While many South Korean films have been screened in different parts of the world years before “My Sassy Girl” was produced, no one can deny that it is one the first Korean films to get undisputable global recognition. It got nominations and awards from various national and international award-giving bodies for three years in a row, its theme song was translated to different languages, and it spurred American and Japanese remakes.

Not only did it bring South Korea into the limelight, but it also catapulted its main stars, namely Tae Hyun Cha and Ji Hyun Jeon, to worldwide fame. And this year, a sequel to the much beloved movie is coming!

Hapless Guy and New Sassy Girl Meets

In the previous movie, Gyeon Woo (Cha) chances upon The Girl (Jeon), drunk and about to fall down the railway. Acting fast, he catches and helps her safely board the train. A vomit and a drunken “Honey!” later, Gyeon Woo reluctantly carries The Girl to a hotel to spend the night. This leads to a string of fun and sad events that momentarily breaks them apart but ends with their sweet reunion.


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The Old vs. The New

For the sequel, Gyeon Woo is unfortunately separated with The Girl. Trying to mend his broken heart, he reunites with his childhood sweetheart—a Chinese girl often teased for her broken Korean played by Victoria Song of idol group f(x). Amidst opposition from both of their families and without much thought about what’s in store for them, the two tie the knot. The movie then follows them as they explore the ups and downs of married life.

Gyeon Woo and the Third Wheel…er, Yuko

Playing the third wheel and the obstacle between the couple and their “happily ever after” is Mina Fujii who plays Yuko. Not much is known about her character, but with the death glares the new sassy girl is giving her, we can be sure that they will have some flaming rivalry.


If Looks Could Kill

“My New Sassy Girl” Release Date

A giant joint production between China and Korea, the much-awaited and heatedly-debated movie was initially released last February 12. It is now scheduled to have simultaneous nationwide release in Korea and China sometime on May. There is no news yet regarding distribution outside the two countries.

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Will They Live Happily Ever After?