Ian Bishop is a world record holder for the most punches thrown in a single second. His speed and power is shown during the you tube videos i have seen and his own brand of martial arts system “The Transporter” is now recognized around the world as a new Martial Art. Ian is also ready to be inducted into the hall of fame for his martial arts style which is now a legit style around the world.

May 31st 2015, his big day will arrive to step forward and show the world that he can break his own world record and set the bar even higher for anyone who follows. Ian was kind enough to take some time and answer a few questions which i had send over. I would like to thank Ian and appreciate the time he took and wish him all the best this May 2015.



This is just a small cut down from the original interview, which will be on you tube soon for you guys to listen too.

1.Take us back to your early years. Do you remember the first time you fell in love with Martial Arts? Maybe a certain movie, an actor and what was it that made you a fan?

Ian:Hello Justyn, question one is easy. I fell in love with Martial Arts in 1982, i rented a video of Bruce Lee. I watched The Big Boss and i was hooked, after that nobody else will do. So that was the first time i really into Martial Arts, watching The Big Boss.

2.As a martial artist, when did you first begin training because i know you studied boxing early on?

Ian:Yeah, like i said after i watched The Big Boss i was instantly hooked. I started training in Lau Gar Kung Fu in 1982, when i was 14 years old. I boxed for many years and started boxing in 1975.

3.As a Bruce Lee fan, what did you learn from him and his system before starting your own system and how did that first come about?

Ian:My Transporter system came about by accident really, like i said if you honestly express yourself and train that way with an open mind. Constantly changing and adapting not just a fixed style weather its Karate, Judo where there’s is one discipline.

You can look at something and take a little bit and develop it, it can stay fresh. I injured my shoulder so i had to rely on my body more and due to that i developed my own system, which is the Transporter system. Its now been recognized around the world by the grand masters and in the hall of fame as a new world martial art, so im very proud of that.

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4.What type of training can people expect if they come to learn from yourself and others involved in your style and whats the main philosophy behind it?

Ian:well the people that come to me, they know its not a style but a concept. The principles are based on Bruce Lee principles also, core strength, interception method ect. Reject whats useless and use whats useful and that essentially becomes your own, so the people that come to me, i don’t exactly tell them what to do. I help them find there own way, so the system concept fits them.

So the people who come to me, i will teach them how to express themselves through physical motion. It’s not about fighting as such, although i did teach people how to look after themselves and its for street defense, not for competition but it is fun and great to see people express themselves and expand when they grasp the concept.

The philosophy behind it, i studied a lot of course from Bruce Lee. It’s about honestly expressing yourself as an individual. Not just concentrating on one style, some will fixate and all there lives stick to one idea and treat it almost like e religion. Like they think you cant change it, it should be changed constantly. Dont change it for the sake of changing it, change it just by streamlining it, might just be small changes but constantly adapting it. So the philosophy behind it, is to be yourself. won the world record for the quickest punches thrown in a single second. You are attempting to break your record in London, how do you feel leading into this epic showdown with yourself to beat the record?

Ian:Yeah i am in London on may 31st, at the moment im training everyday getting in good shape. Throwing 13 punches in a second was hard, really hard. So im looking to do about 15 in a second, so it should be fun. Like i said, im training really hard and feel confident.

We want everyone to come along to the event, May 31st it’s going to be a great time and i think im going to do it. Then im off again in June to receive my Martial Arts, hall Of Fame award.

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6.what are your views on other martial arts styles, which ones do you like or not like?

Ian:I think all Martial Arts style are good, i wont put down any style because there all good in there own way. What i don’t like, is when people say “My style is the best or this style is the best”. It’s only one persons ability, styles like Bruce Lee said, only tend to separate people. So if your in a style, your bound together not separated just like religion to some people.

So if your an individual, you can adapt to all styles and that way you bring people together because you can combine with them and this is the way i think it should be. I like Knockdown Karate, Boxing, Thai Boxing, Taekwondo. So just to be clear, some principles that i use for my Transporter, i use my Boxing, i use my Lau Gar Kung Fu, Thai Boxing techniques, Kickboxing, Karate, Jujitsu, Judo. But combined with Bruce Lees principles.

7.Lastly, what does the future hold for Ian Bishop?

Ian:Well im training hard for the event in London, id love to go around Britain and coach people, help them develop. I have many fans around the world now, India, Pakistan, Africa, America, Egypt and i have two clubs now in Africa and Ethiopia. Id like to get there and help out the guys. By doing seminars, im looking for an agent now because its getting really big, really quick. I want to tour the world, teaching my concept of self expression, for them to be themselves. The one if Africa, we want to help the kids, the street children. I have two instructors there now started by Arthur and Michael and they help the kids through my sister.

Also thanks for this, if anyone is interested in seminars weather coaching, small groups, im available, its my living and this is what i want to do. You can contact me on Facebook, one page s called Ian Bishop world record holder. Also Ian “Rapid Fire Bishop” with over 5,00 members now. I look forward to hearing from you guys, thank you. May 31st, Academy of hard Knocks, Alder-shot (Just outside London). If you want to take part in the seminar, contact Sam Rule, he is on my Facebook page and the event is also in my groups. Get your tickets there or you can pay on the day and hopefully see history made.

Ian Bishop
Ian Bishop