Robert Samuels: Director
Kaloni Davis: Director
Robert Jefferson: Producer and Writer

Executive Producers:
Michael Wehrhahn, Joan Bi, Alan Goldberg, Andy Eng:

Kaloni Davis: Director Of Photography

Manny Ayala: Stunt and Fight Choreography

Genre: Action, Thriller, Sci Fi, Horror, Martial Arts

Cast: Kenny Chin, Marco Da Answer Johnson, Vincent Lyn, John Canada Terrell, John DeBlasio, Dean Lee, Kimberly Bowden, Neko Gettling, Angela Hollis, Lloyd Webb.


In 2016, fans around the world will be preparing for something special. A movie which will not only bring you Action, but plenty of Martial Arts, Horror and Sci Fi, prepare yourself’s for “Beast“.

Directed by Robert Samuels (Don’t Give A Damn/Gambling Ghost) and Kaloni Davis (Last Days Saga) and written by Robert Jefferson (who was also on board with the lighting and production design), Beast centers around the character “Marcus Walden“, who began developing a serum in 1999 to form the Ultimate soldier. A Soldier who feels no pain, a soldier who is faster, stronger and more deadly than anything human kind could dream about.


In 1999 Marcus Walden’s multinational corporation began developing a serum that would change the face of modern warfare. A serum that would ideally create the perfect soldier: strong, fearless, and impervious to pain… A serum known only as BEAST. Only one problem: no one could survive the trials.

In 2016 Jake Caldwell, home from Afghanistan, now uses his military skills to hunt dangerous criminals. Disturbed by the horrors of war and scarred by sacrifices he made both for his country and brothers in arms, Jake is a man on a mission to protect the innocent and bring bad men to justice at any cost.

Robert Parker is also ex-military, and one time partner of Jake Caldwell during several black bag operations and covert missions during their time in the Middle East, many of which were disavowed. Disillusioned by his experiences in the military, and conflicted by personal demons and a lifetime of questionable decisions, Parker had lost himself in the seedy underbelly of the Hong Kong underworld; his unique skill set and unusual ability to speak fluent Cantonese making him invaluable to local Triad bosses. Now Parker must return to his stateside home of Philadelphia to help his friend Jake investigate the kidnapping and subsequent death of his younger brother Gerald “Cash” Parker.

As they begin to dig into Cash’s strange disappearance and tragic death, they begin to realize that these events are a part of a much larger plot; one that will lead them inexorably back towards Marcus Walden and the terrible truth about Walden’s plans for the drug called Beast.

Joined by Parker’s past, unrequited love Shiva and their quirky and ingenious compatriot Gigs; they must find the connections to Walden, defeat a small army of monstrous, drug addled super soldiers, save the world and avenge Cash’s death, all the while trying to steer clear of a violent Triad boss to whom both men owe a debt which they may end up paying with their very lives.. Meanwhile, Jake, having accidentally consumed a small dose of Beast, must battle his own inner demons and decide whether to use his skill or succumb to the addictive power of the drug itself. Together Parker, Jake, Shiva, and Gigs must stop Walden’s evil plan and bring him to justice, but can they defeat him before it’s too late?



Beast has the potential to be a huge hit, the people involved are extremely hard-working and all aim for the best results which we have seen over the years. Manny Ayala worked on Gotham and Daredevil, Michael Wehrhahn (The Monkey King), Vincent Lyn a world-renowned Actor and Musician, everyone has to see this movie.

I would also like to thank Robert Samuels and Robert Jefferson for allowing me to post details of the plot and supply me with some amazing pictures from the movie.

The “Urban Action Showcase” is where it happens if you want to see the “BEAST” Trailer Premiere on November 7th 2015 at the AMC Empire 25 Theaters Times Sqr.

By Justyn Hughes (King Of Kung Fu)


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