Cast: Donnie Yen, Lynn Hung, Zhang Jin, Patrick Tam, Leung Kar Yan, Mike Tyson
Director: Wilson Yip

The news broke last night that Donnie Yen’s final installment of the Ip man series will be released in theatres this Christmas in Asia. The news will have fans around the world very excited to see their idol back on the big screen showcasing his excellent wing chun skills as Ip man for one last time.

The trailer for Ip man 3 will also be released at the end of September and we will certainly post that when the time comes. After the second movie, Donnie Yen said he would not make a third “Because Ip Man 2 will incontrovertibly become a classic, bettering the first. I believe it’s best to end something when it’s at perfection, and leave behind a good memory”.

But i was very happy when it came out he would be involved in Ip man 3 and also that the movie would star Mike Tyson and Leung Kar Yan, i was hyped.


The movie is set to open with Bruce Lee meeting Ip man and becoming is student and that Bruce Lee will be more involved throughout the movie than first expected. The action choreography this time round will be done by Yuen Woo Ping, the first two movies had Sammo Hung in the action seat who did an excellent job.

So i hope this is good news for fans around the world and check below for a few more stills from Ip man 3.

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson