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Global Star Productions
A Robert Samuels Film
Cast: Kenny Chin, Marco Da Answer Johnson, Vincent Lyn, John Canada Terrell, John DeBlasio, Dean Lee, Kimberly Bowden, Neko Gettling, Angela Hollis, Lloyd Webb


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“Beast” is the latest movie from a very talented team which aims to bring Action and excitement to fans around the world. Directed by Robert Samuels (Don’t Give A Damn/Gambling Ghost) and written and produced by Robert Jefferson, Beast is centered around “Marcus Walden“, who began developing a serum in 1999 to form the Ultimate soldier. A Soldier who feels no pain, a soldier who is faster, stronger and more deadly than anything human kind could dream about.

The trailer is everything you would expect from such a talented team, suspense, plenty of Action and Martial Arts and granted to make any fan of this genre weak at the knees and wanting more. Opening with a nice blend of Horror style music with a soft vocal over the top, the audience is shown the city of brotherly love, a very dangerous city which we find out instantly with gun shots firing out and the Ultimate Soldier being thrown right into the action.

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The Martial Arts on display is perfection, showcasing amazing hand to hand combat, weapon work and nice editing for the slow motion shots,which gives the effect of a punch or kick a lot more power on-screen. One thing i did notice and fully enjoy was the colors during some of the scenes which reminded me of the gritty Asian movies (I Saw The Devil) amongst others and sets the tone of a scene perfectly. Indie movies are the way forward in today’s world which gives us something different from your typical Hollywood movie we are so used to seeing and we can get the action we crave for which we don’t always get. The Cinematography looks amazing, great locations and Director Robert Samuels showcases his eye for detail. I don’t want to give to much away regarding the trailer, but all i will say be prepared for some top class action.

It’s also great to see International superstar Vincent Lyn (Operation Condor,The King of the Kickboxers) back on the screen. Vincent is a great human being, had many discussions with him online regarding past and present projects and is always open and takes time to speak about things in detail.

Executive Producer Alan Goldberg is the man behind the “Beast” and has done an incredible job and should be very proud of what himself and the team have accomplished. Director Robert Samuels said “Thanks to the Urban Action Showcase for the tremendous support they have shown”.

Snapshot - 12

Robert Jefferson of Global Star Productions had this say after it was screened at the Urban Action showcase this November, “This year’s Urban Action Showcase was, as always, a class act and one hell of a good time! The energy and camaraderie of martial artists, filmmakers. and fans alike have, and will continue to make this event an all around great experience. We, the producers of “Beast” wish to extend our sincere gratitude to Demetrius Angelo, HBO, and CINEMAX, for giving us and everyone involved a great platform on which to show our work.”

Overall i would say Beast looks like a very promising movie indeed and i am very excited to watch the movie in 2016. I would like to say thank you to my brothers Robert Samuels and Robert Jefferson for sending me the trailer and to share information about the movie, I am very grateful and wish them all the success.

The official release date for Beast is planned for the late 2016. Here are some shots from the Urban Action Showcase, enjoy.





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