Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. So, for all you lovebirds out there who just want a staycation date, grab a bowl of popcorn and watch these Asian romantic comedies this weekend that will give you all the feels.

Secret (2007)

Secret stars Jay Chou as piano major student Ye Xianglu and Gwei Lun-mei as time traveling heroine Lu Xiaoyu.

My Girlfriend is a Cyborg aka Cyborg She (2008)

Kwak Jae-yong, director of My Sassy Girl, had a comeback in this mix of romance, comedy, and science fiction. My Girlfriend is a Cyborg stars Keisuke Koide as Jiro Kitamura, a lonely man from Tokyo, while Haruka Ayase plays the Cyborg he falls in love with. The Cyborg was created by an older Jiro after a girl he met in his past and sent her to the past to protect him after a devastating earthquake in Tokyo.

What Women Want (2011)

What Women Want is a remake of the Hollywood film which starred Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. This China-Hong Kong joint production stars Andy Lau as slick chauvinist Sun Zigang and Gong Li as his rival in the advertising agency, Li Yilong. Zigang gets the power to hear the thoughts of women he encounters after accidentally electrocuting himself by falling into a water-filled bathtub (Andy Lau at his most glorious in drag wearing a robe and fishnet stockings). His new-found power turns him from unapologetic womanizer to a transformed person who empathizes with women.

Crossing Hennessy (2010)

Jacky Cheung and Tang Wei stars in this romantic comedy written and directed by Ivy Ho. Set mainly on Hennessy Road, it tells of the story of 41-year old bachelor Loy and Oi Lin who works in a bathroom appliance store owned by her uncle. Loy’s mother and Oi Lin’s family sets them up for a date although neither is attracted to another. Their relationship turns to friendship when they discover a mutual enthusiasm for detective stories. Jacky Cheung was nominated for best actor in the Hong Kong Film Awards for this movie.

Cyrano Agency (2010)

This Korean romantic comedy pays homage to Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, the protagonist in his play of the same name. Uhm Tae-woong plays Lee Byeong-hoon, a theater actor who also owns Cyrano Agency, a small organization that helps their clients woo the women they claim to love. The team devised ways to bring their clients and the women together, drawing parallels to life in theater. Park Shin-hye, Park Chul-min, Choi Daniel, and more also star in this romantic comedy.